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It’s the weekend, and for you that hopefully means a couple of days with nothing to do except the things you want to do. For us, well it means finishing off our coverage of the PokerStars Championship Barcelona events and then getting back to real life.

In any case, you may be at a loss for how to fill some of your idle minutes in the coming days. Since we’re working anyway, we thought we’d get you started with a list of links that might keep you occupied between hands.

Without any further preamble we give you…


Our team in Barcelona is weary but still hanging tough as the Main Event and High Roller head toward their respective final tables. You can catch up with all the action here:



Check out our coverage of Barcelona to see what in the world this has to do with anything


In case you haven’t heard, PokerStars’newest innovation is about to hit the real money world. Power Up, the poker game with new strategic elements thrown in, has been in testing for a bit. It’s now rolling out to players in the United Kingdom, all in advance of its eventual full launch for real money later this year. Read about it here: Power Up hits UK with more to come



One of the biggest stories this week involved a name you likely already know. Football superstar Gerard Piqué made it to Barcelona this week and ended up winning more than six figures in one tournament. In the meantime, he took time to talk to us about poker, losing Neymar as a teammate, and the tragedy in Barcelona.

You can read our interview with him here: Neymar is gone, but Piqué says happiness can return to Barcelona

PCBAR-2017-Monti-Gerard Pique-smirk.jpg

Gerard Piqué in Barcelona


Oh goodness. They’re doing it again. Those goodtime, funtime, crazy lovers of the Caribbean are headed to Bill Perkins’ little boat for a streaming, poker-playing, hijinks-filled adventure. What’s more, they need someone else to come with them.

Jamie Staples, Jeff Gross, Kevin Martin, and Matt Staples will be onboard. If you want to figure out how you can join them, check out this interview with Mr. Perkins himself: Join Bill Perkins and the world’s best poker streamers on Streamboat 2.


That should keep you busy through the weekend. Happy Friday!

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