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So, you don’t have anything planned for the weekend? No holiday? No backyard BBQ? No ski trip in Patagonia?

What’s say you win some money, then?

MicroMillions Finale

No matter how big or small your bankroll is, you have a chance to play for a $1 million prize pool on Sunday. The MicroMillions 12 Main Event kicks off Sunday at 14:00 ET. You can get in for only $22, or play any of the satellites for much less and get in on the action.


If you’re itching to start playing now, MicroMillions will be running all day long, all day Saturday, and all day Sunday. To plan the rest of your MicroMillions weekend, head on over to the MicroMillions homepage and figure out your personal MicroMillions finale.

MicroMillions is a great way to build a bank roll and get started as a poker player. Click here to get a PokerStars account.

If you’re looking for a super-cheap way to get in the Main Event, be sure to sit for the Main Event VIP Bash on Saturday at 13:00 ET. It only costs 100 StarsCoin to buy in and PokerStars is adding 200 seats to the prize pool

Overnight, MicroMillions crowned a few new champs. Here’s how they fared.

67 $3.30 7,934 $23,802.00 rudy646 Russia $3,355.69
68 $5.50 6,413 $32,065.00 WAAAAAAAAGH! Russia $4,561.35
69 $2.20 21,013 $21,013 gebo05 Czech Republic $2,182.97
70 $4.40 17,230 $75,000.00 lo-fi dream Brazil $7,735.27
71 $2.20 4,615 $9,230.00 UdonkeyU United Kingdom $1,093.79
72 $4.40 4,300 $61,928.00 nickkoevoets Netherlands $5,810.48

Spin your way to Barcelona…with Kid Poker

As we mentioned earlier, PokerStars has opened up some Spin & Go tourneys that could send you to Barcelona for the EPT.

Daniel Negreanu apparently loves this idea. He wrote a person blog post over on his site where he promises to be offer an exclusive Q&A session to all who Spin & Go their way to Spain. You can check out that story over on Kid Poker’s blog.

I mean, give the guy a read. It’s his birthday weekend after all.

Daniel Negreanu birthday image.jpg

Create your own tourney

If none of that appeals to you and you have other ideas about how to have fun, PokerStars recently opened up the tourney creation station to…you.

If you check out the PokerStars VIP Store, you’ll see that you can now create your own tourneys and make them look however you want.

For full details on that, check out this post from earlier in the week.


Get ready for APPT Manila

If you happen to be within shouting distance of the Philippines, go check out the City of Dreams in Manila where the Asia Pacific Poker Tour is kicking off its festival there.

The Main Event still has satellites running on PokerStars, so you can still make it in if you are so inclined. For more information, check out our APPT Manila guide.

To make any of these things happen, you’re going to need a PokerStars account. If you don’t have one yet, click here to get one and have a great weekend.

Good luck!


is the PokerStars Head of Blogging. Follow him on Twitter: @BradWillis.

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