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A look at the major results on PokerStars this weekend.

Weekend highlights on PokerStars

toddxxx wins the Sunday Million
MicroMillions now under way
World Series Main Event down to 27


Sunday Million

It was a good one this week. As Jason Kirk reported for the PokerStars Blog, it was a corker of a finale in this week’s Sunday Million between toddxxx and stormi22. They had a good long scrap to determine the winner, with toddxxx prevailing and taking a first prize of $161,777 (albeit after a three-way deal). Get the full result (and a link to the full story) below.

Sunday Million results (16 July 2017)
Entries: 5,595 (4,645 entries, 950 re-entries)
Prize pool: $1,119,000
Places paid: 899

1. toddxxx (Canada) $161,777.22*
2. stormi22 (Germany) $98,481.14*
3. Sanjay_45 (Finland) $103,948.54*
4. beldarion (Germany) $55,608.48
5. Fish2077 (Austria) $38,485.54
6. pilemon (Canada) $26,635.10
7. Maden2k (United Kingdom) $18,433.62
8. Olda71 (Russia) $12,757.60
9. 22ehnutzz (Brazil) $8,829.35
* reflects a three-way deal that left $20,000 for the winner

Weekend winners

Here are the top ten winners from the weekend…

$215 SUNDAY MILLION toddxxx Canada $161,777.22
$215 Sunday Warm-Up seboraptor Poland $43,469.79
$1,050 Sunday Grand NLHE Perrymejsen Sweden $35,931.03
$700 Super-Sized Sunday [Progressive KO] Improved Costa Rica $30,120.36
$215 Sunday Supersonic [6-Max, Hyper-Turbo] Stella948 Australia $26,954.37
MicroMillions-01: $5.50 NLHE [Half Price Sunday Storm] glatti2005 Germany $26,646.23
$22 Mini Sunday Million matthew123ku Poland $24,627.68
$109 Sunday Cooldown [Turbo] goodvibe1 Germany $19,059.30
$1,050 Sunday Grand PLO [6-Max] ludovi333 United Kingdom $14,896.34
$109 Sunday Kickoff rdcrsn Canada $13,454.25

Find all the results for the weekend of July 15 to 16, 2017 on PokerStars, by clicking here.

World Series of Poker

The Main Event plays on in Las Vegas, with the field now stripped to just three tables. That means just 27 players in with a shot of that first prize of more than $8 million.

Fuelled by coffee, and whatever else they can still stomach from the Starbucks on the walk to the Rio convention centre, our reporting team of Howard Swains and Martin Harris are still slogging away court side bring all the stories (or at least those they can see from the side-lines).

There are too many stories to list here. It’s easier if you click this link, where you’ll find our complete WSOP 2017 archive. You could do a lot worse than spending the next hour reading everything there is from this summer’s tournament. That is unless your desk is overlooked by your boss, in which case we suggest leaving it until lunch.


It is the tournament series designed for everyone, particularly those with bankrolls of the more modest kind (that goes for us too). MicroMillions started this weekend with the first of more than 100 events on the schedule.

I could cut and paste all the details from the MicroMillions homepage but it’s probably easier if you visit the page yourself. In the meantime check out results from the opening events.

MicroMillions-01 $5.50 (Half Price Sunday Storm)
Entries: 64,741
Prize pool: 323,705
Places paid: 9,620

1. glatti2005 (Germany) $26,646.23*
2. Oooowaa [2] (Slovakia) $22,294.47*
3. u.RuGwaI (Russia) $18,514.83*
4. osten (Norway) $10,799.86
5. Askar2477 (Kazakhstan) $7,636.62
6. Bouncer1284 [2] (United Kingdom) $5,399.88
7. jsaleskiller (Brazil) $3,818.29
8. BigBlub (Germany) $2,699.92
9. uallri [2] (Brazil) $1,909.11
Denotes three-way deal)

MicroMillions-02 $3.30 NLHE (Progressive KO)
Entries: 57,638
Prize pool: $172,914
Places paid: 8,540

1. kacza1000 (Poland) $7,594.48*
2. Konngo (Latvia) $6,798.75*
3. caio_pimenta [2] (Brazil) $4,203.79
4. GroteBoef [3] (Netherlands) $2,972.52
5. bernuncio [2] (Argentina) $2,101.88
6. e1nin0 (Vietnam) $1,486.24
7. Flávio Tone [2] (Brazil) $1,050.92
8. SU1990 (Germany) $743.10
9. romses2004 (Russia) $525.45
Denotes two-way deal

MicroMillion-03 $5.50 NLO8 (6-Max, Progressive KO)
Entries: 10,536
Prize pool: $52,680
Places paid: 1,751

1. hansver (Netherlands) $3,493.08 ($1,865.91 bounties)
2. Futuramka (Russia) $2,275.62 (195.99)
3. Juegador (Norway) $1,487.51 ($515.21)
4. BblXYXOLb (Russia) $972.34 ($316.77)
5. Mr.Woolf 1 (Ukraine) $635.59 ($129.00)
6. Geri11111 (Hungary) $415.46 ($249.33)

MicroMillions-04 $3.30 NLHE (6-Max, hyper-turbo)
Entries: 19,051
Prize pool: $59,820.14
Places paid: 3,131

1. Giordano.KK (Brazil) $6,234.06
2. kleber22 (Brazil) $4,063.53
3. anm354 [2] (Cyprus) $2,656.22
4. Ladynb76 [2] (Canada) $1,736.30
5. Jimmakos96 [2] (Greece) $1,134.97
6. ocebe23 (Poland) $741.91

That’s it from this past weekend. If we missed anything email us at, or tweet us @PokerStarsBlog.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog. Follow him on Twitter: @StephenBartley. Don’t forget to follow the Blog on twitter: @PokerStarsBlog.

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