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This weekend, players were treated to Half Price Sunday tournaments, pros made multiple final tables, and legendary Jen ‘Fresh_oO_D’ Lakemeier showed us what the progressive knockout format is all about. Let’s take a look at the highlights:

  • Fernando ‘fviana’ Viana wins the Half Price Sunday Warm-up
  • Shyam ‘G’s zee’ Srinivasan wins a marathon
  • ‘Tomatee’ and ‘roo_400’ make multiple final tables
  • Jen ‘Fresh_oO_D’ Lakemeier smashes it in the Bounty Builder


Fernando fviana’ Viana takes down Half Price Sunday Warm-Up

There’s nothing better than a poker session of Sunday major poker tournament… apart from a weekend of Half Price Sunday tournaments, with three of player’s favorite tournaments featuring a reduced buy-in.

One of these special edition events was the Sunday Warm-Up, which reached a total prize pool of $369,200 from a buy-in of $107.50.

After 12 hours of intense play, 2017 SCOOP winner Fernando ‘fviana’ Viana, who has over $450k in online winnings to his name, took down the tournament. He earned $47,882 after cutting a deal heads-up.

Highly ranked ‘dawhiteninja’ came second, adding $42,004 to over half a million in lifetime payouts.

In third place was Romanian pro ‘MADnesS100’, a Winter Series winner and multi-time Sunday Million final tablist with over $655k in online wins. They missed out on the deal, but still earned $26,011 for their efforts.

Several other solid regs made the final table, including High Roller Main Event final tablist ‘MATT HOLVIK’ and MTT reg ‘XxMuskyxX’, making this one of the standout tournament of the weekend.

$107.50 Half Price Sunday Warm-Up
Prize pool: $369,200

1. fviania – Brazil – $47,882
2. dawhiteninja – UK – $42,004
3. MADnesS100 – Romania – $26,011
4. RuslanRus254 – Russia – $18,254
5. dumanis26 – Taiwan – $12,810
6. PantojaRO – Brazil – $8,989
7. M kjacko888 – Germany – $6,308
8. MATT HOLVIK – Canada – $4,427
9. XxMuskyxX – Canada – $3,106

At the lower stakes, the Half Price Sunday Storm attracted 37,238 entries. This resulted in a relatively colossal prize pool of $182,466.

langolier8’ and ‘lordgraft’ cut an even deal heads-up. They walked away with $16,742 each – significant payouts considering the $5.50 buy-in. langolier8’ has had big wins in tournaments such as the Big $55 and Big $33, but this will be their most profitable online payout, and first huge victory in recent years.

There’s still everything to play for those left in the special edition Half Price Sunday Million. The 2-day event resumes at 18:00 WET. There are still 199 players left standing at the time of the break, with the top prize now set at $142,980.


Andei ‘I am Bobbie’ Streltsou and Shyam ‘G zee’ Srinivasan pick up majors

The usual weekend majors gave us plenty to shout about.

On Saturday, Brazilian player ‘Eleres88’ came first place in the Eliminator. They turned a $27 buy-in into $5,888 and added yet another weekend major to their record. ‘JohnnyDepp’ from Norway came second for $3,045.

Previous SCOOP Main Event final tablist Andei ‘I am Bobbie’ Streltsou won this week’s $215 Saturday KO, earning the top prize of $8,191. ‘Mr.Grigoriy’ from Russia, who’s previous successes include the Big $11 and a WCOOP final table, came second for $6,004.

The Sunday $109 Kick-off fell to ‘mikaelxx93’ from Denmark, previous winner of both the Big $55 and Hotter $55. They earned $9,394 after cutting a three way deal with eventual second place ‘bruzzler87’ and third place MTT reg ‘Boesjkb’.

With 2,190 entries this weekend, the $55 Sunday Marathon yielded an impressive top prize of $14,342. Canadian pro and double WCOOP champion Shyam ‘G’s zee’ Srinivasan who claimed the win after 15 solid hours of play. Well, they don’t call it a marathon for nothing…

Srinivasan beat fellow Canadian ‘ch0kin_d0nks’ heads-up, whilst SCOOP champion ‘Tripleeeee’ from Poland came in third place.

Also present and ever-threatening on the final table were talented MTT pro ‘Broose51’, Sunday Million final tablist ‘AndyKidPoker’, ‘lenochka1999’ and other keen regs looking to make it big. Alas, it was Srinivasan’s night to win the race.

$55 Sunday Marathon
2,190 (1,550 + 640)
Prize pool: $109,500

1. G’s zee – Canada – $14,342
2. ch0kin_d0nks – Canada – $8,686
3. Tripleeeee – Poland – $6,652
4. Broose51 – Mexico – $4,710
5. DontCryBaby201 – Germany – $3,334
6. AndyKidPoker – Romania – $2,361
7. lenochka1999 – Belarus – $1,671
8. Gruzin024 – Georgia – $1,183
9. oscarpokrAA – Venezuela – $844

The low stakes majors also proved to be very lucrative for players this weekend.

Aside from the Half Price Sunday Storm, ‘rasbbery’ from Poland and previous Sunday Million winner ‘Galochina10’ from Brazil struck an even deal in the Mini-Sunday Million. Each turned their $22 buy-ins into $15,625 – a great result by any player’s standards.

Finally, the Supersonic is always the best way to end the Sunday session. It’s zero to thousands of dollars in just a couple of hours of play. This weekend, it was ‘pokerist941’ from Romania, a regular on both the cash and tournament circuit, who took the ride – they earned $21,450 for first place.


The business end of the table – Jens ‘Fresh_oO_D’ and Johannes ‘Greenstone25’ Korsar pick up High Rollers

The High Roller Club keeps the nosebleed stakes regs happy week in, week out. This week some excellent players made serious money. So, without further ado, let’s get down to the business end of the table.

The $1,050 Sunday Warm-up hit a total prize pool of $181,000 this weekend. After fierce competition from 181 entries, we were left with a final table full of tough sharks like ‘papan9_p$’ and multi-time COOP winner Class ‘Ssick_OnE’ Segebrech.

As we already know, ‘papan9_p$’ loves to take down a good Sunday Warm-Up – he’s already won two and was looking to make it his third this weekend. But it wasn’t to be…

It was ‘Rhyzm_P’ from Germany who prevailed in the end, earning an epic $35,906 for first place. ‘Freddopizza’ had a big appetite for chips on the final table, but couldn’t quite finish the last course, finishing second for $27,741.

The $530 Bounty Builder, always a highlight on the High Roller weekly calendar, brought an even bigger event. Again, the legendary tournament had its guarantee boosted to $500k, so the battle was on in this one.

Jens ‘Fresh_oO_D’ Lakemeier, who has multiple WCOOP titles tucked under his belt, claimed the top prize of $46,739.

Ever one to do it in style, ‘Fresh_oO_D’, also secured an insane amount of knockouts along the way. Lakemeier ended the tournament with an incredible bounty prize of $33,824, making for a grand total of over $80k from the game. What a beast!

$530 Bounty Builder
1,149 (810 + 339)
Prize pool: $574,500

Payouts (not including bounties):
1. Fresh_oO_D – Germany – $46,739
2. que_te_crio – UK – $34,259
3. EmilZapata5 – Germany – $25,112
4. youxiaahuang – China – $18,407
5. souramaliki – Cyprus – $13,492
6. vojta555cz – Czech Republic – $9,889
7. ezynow99 – UK – $7,249
8. chiconogue – Brazil – $5,313
9. progre69 – $3,894

Johannes ‘Greenstone25’ Korsar from Sweden won the $2,100 Sunday HR event for $40,778. He finished ahead of long term Canadian reg Jon ‘apestyles’ Van Fleet. Van Fleet earned himself a tidy $27,920 to add to millions of dollars in online cashes.

High Roller and SCOOP champion Francisco ‘Tomatee’ Benitez had another awesome weekend, killing it in not one, but two hyper-turbo tournaments. They finished in third place in the Saturday Supersonic for $5,686, followed by second place in the HR Sunday Supersonic for a further $21,368… living proof that hyper-turbos are not just a crab-fest!

Congratulations also to ‘BarracudaNL’, who finished ahead of ‘Tomatee’ to earn the top prize of $27,861 in the HR Sunday Supersonic, all in under one hour forty-five minutes of poker. A specialty tournament of theirs, this is the third time ‘BarracudaNL’ has won this particular event.

roo_400’, a serious competitor in the High Roller Series, also made two final tables this weekend, but couldn’t quite convert either of them into top place finishes. They came sixth place in the Sunday 500 for $2,141, as well as second place in the $1,050 Saturday Daily Cooldown for $4,983.

It’s been another dramatic and eventful weekend of poker, and we still have the Sunday Million second day yet to unfold.

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