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Some days you wake up with high expectations and end up seeing nothing interesting at all. And some days you wake up not expecting anything and get to see a man in tights pounding on his nipples. You just never know how fate’s coin flip is going to go.

Today, we’re going to give fate a little help.

The man you’re about to look at is Dwayne Buth, He’s a high school teacher. He’s a wrestling coach. He’s wearing tights. And he wants to play against Daniel Negreanu in the PokerStars Million Dollar Challenge.

This is his audition video. Be prepared…here there be nipple pounding.

See, there is no way your day is going to get any better from here on out.

Now, onto poker.

This past weekend, the Sunday Million returned after it’s brief WCOOP hiatus. Here’s a look at the final table highlights.

Watch Online Poker Show: Sunday Million – September 27th, 2009 on

Finally, tomorrow we embark on our EPT London adventure, starting off with the high roller event. To get in the spirit of the EPT, here’s a look at Daniel Negreanu getting all jiggy with it in Barcelona.

Watch EPT 6 Barcelona Day 5: Daniel Negreanu’s Rap on

And just in case you don’t want to stop thinking about a grown man in tights pounding on his nipples, we offer this screen capture for your computer desk top.

Seriously…pass it around the office.


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