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The gauntlet? Yeah, that’s it on the ground there. It’s been thrown.

Imagine this: three men in middle America in the middle of a birthday celebration that take time out of their party to call out Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu.

Last week, the PokerStars Blog debuted the Weekly Dose, a look around the net for some of the more interesting videos that relate to our little corner of the world. This week, our friend behind the PokerStars_com Twitter account found this gem.

First, some background. has recently partnered with FOX Sports to put on the Million Dollar Challenge. It’s a chance to face off against Negreanu on FOX Sports and walk away with a million bucks. There’s a catch, of course. If you qualify, you first have to submit your casting video. So, here ya go.

And be prepared for this line: “We call him Frenchy around here.”

We suppose this would be a good time to point out Negreanu is not French. We suppose this would be a good opprotunity to remind everyone that while Negreanu is Canadian, he is not French Canadian.

That, of course, will not stop us from referring to Negreanu as “Frenchy” at least once a month for the foreseeable future.



Alright. Now that we have that our of our system, we can move on to the other videos of the week, specifically how the PokerStars Sunday Million ended up in a six-way chop this weekend.

Check out the latest episode of the Online Poker Show below.

Watch Online Poker Show: Sunday Million – August 23rd, 2009 on

Finally, by this point you should be aware that PokerStars is sponsoring one of the newest ESPN projects, the Inside Deal. Each week, the show finds one or two of the big names in the poker world and gets inside their head for a bit. Not only that, it has the results from the big online tournaments and all the other news that’s fit for the internet.

The latest episode just dropped. You can watch it below.

That’s your Weekly Dose.


Okay. We’ll stop now.

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