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Get ready for the return of the EPT. Details of:

  • Online qualifier tournaments for Main Event and EPT National
  • Book your trip to Prague for free!
  • Mystery Bounty tournament debut
  • Numerous exciting extras for all players

The European Poker Tour (EPT) will rouse from its enforced slumber next month with a trip to Prague, in the Czech Republic. This is the festival originally planned for December last year, but which was postponed for obvious reasons.

We won’t dwell on all that. It obviously just made sense to halt live poker operations as everyone focused on other priorities. And we waited until events were safe to run again. Health and safety of players and our staff is paramount to PokerStars. And organisers are going above and beyond the current local measures to ensure everyone is safe at the events.

With all that in mind, we will say that it’s going to be great to be back again. Particularly in Prague, which always attracts a wide range of players from all corners of the poker-playing world.

Prague is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities

We’ll add that PokerStars is intent on making sure as many people as possible can qualify for EPT Prague. And that everyone has a safe and truly memorable time. With that in mind, here is some more information about qualifying tournaments for EPT Prague. Plus some juicy details about what players can expect when they’re at the event.


Without doubt, the €5,300 Main Event is the highlight of any EPT stop. It wouldn’t be called the Main Event if that wasn’t the case. It’s also the one to which most players will want to qualify. And there are ample opportunities to do just that.

There are direct qualifier tournaments on PokerStars on Thursday, February 3 (i.e., today) and every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, all beginning at 3.10pm ET. The buy-in is €530 and one EPT package, worth €7,200, is guaranteed.

To repeat:

EPT Prague Main Event qualifiers
Feb 3 & 6, 3.10pm ET (9.10pm CET; 8.10pm GMT)
$530 buy-in; one Main Event package (€7,200 value) guaranteed

There are numerous satellites running all the time for you to get into those qualifiers too. These smaller tournaments include freerolls, from which you can win a ticket to a €22 qualifier. The €22 qualifier then leads to the €530 qualifier, and that potentially leads you to Prague.

It means that it’s possible to book your ticket to Prague for absolutely nothing.


To find all available satellites: Go to the main PokerStars client and click the following tabs:

Events > Live > Europe > EPT Prague > All satellites

It’s also possible to qualify for the EPT Prague National, which has a €1,100 buy-in and is almost always the busiest event on the calendar. It plays out from March 6-10.

Packages to this one are worth €2,500 and there are qualifiers with a €162 buy-in on the same days — every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday — as for the EPT Main Event. These tournaments kick off at 2.35pm ET. There are two packages guaranteed in each.

To repeat:

EPT Prague National qualifiers
Every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, 2.35pm ET (7.35pm GMT; 8.35pm CET)
$162 buy-in; two EPT National packages (€2,500 value) guaranteed

There are also satellites to these qualifiers too, again all the way down to freerolls. Click Tourney and then type “Prague” into the search box to find them.

A reminder of the key EPT Prague dates:

  • EPT National: March 6-10 – €1,100
  • EPT Cup: March 8-9 – €330
  • EPT National High Roller: March 9-10 – €2,200
  • EPT Super High Roller: March 9-11 – €50,000
  • EPT Prague Main Event: March 10-16 – €5,300
  • EPT Prague High Roller: March 14-16 – €10,300


It’s been a long time since EPT players have been able to get together. So we’re pulling out all the stops to make EPT Prague memorable for everyone, for all the right reasons.

The event will include all of the following:

  • New “Mystery Bounty” tournament debut (details below)
  • Exclusive PokerStars merchandise for all qualifiers
  • Surprise giveaways to players through festival
  • PS Travel concierge service offering free activities
  • Free PokerStars Learn with Team PokerStars Ambassadors
  • Bonuses for players in €25K+ buy-in tournaments
  • Opportunities to qualify for free to next live event

Mystery Bounty tournament

Event #32 on the EPT Prague schedule is a “Mystery Bounty” tournament. Which offers a unique twist on how a regular prize-pool is awarded.

A new spin on the bounty tournament

Of the €2,700 buy-in, €1,925 goes into the regular prize pool, but €500 goes into a Mystery Bounty pool. At the start of Day 2 of the event, each remaining player will be given a bounty token, which an opponent wins if they knock that player out.

The value of a bounty token will only be revealed at time of redemption. Players handing in a token to the cash desk will be given the chance to open a randomly-selected envelope containing a prize.

The prize could be up to 15 percent of the entire bounty prize pool — potentially as much as €50,000.

It means that if you survive to Day 2 and then knock out a player, you are guaranteed a payout of at least €500. And possibly much more than that.

The Mystery Bounty prize amounts will be listed in a designated place, on social media and announced in the tournament room. As each prize is drawn, the prize will be removed from the published list. So all players will always know which prizes remain.

It should be a lot of fun, with the reward for knocking someone out potentially earning you many, many times your buy-in. Watch this space, and the EPT Live website, for more details.

Bonuses for all:

The PokerStars qualifier experience at the European Poker Tour is second to none, starting with an experienced Player Liaison Team. There are native speakers of Russian, German, English, French and Spanish on the team (and many more languages besides). They will be able to assist with any queries throughout the festival. The team is on site from start to finish.

You can also join exclusive WhatsApp groups managed by the event liaison team. So you can pool resources, discuss ideas, ask any questions of fellow qualifiers, or simply arrange a drink in the bar. (You can, of course, request not to be in these groups!)

If you win a full EPT Prague package in an online qualifier, your package includes:

  • Free transfer from the airport/train station to the hotel
  • Bed and breakfast accommodation
  • Welcome gift pack and merchandise, including a PokerStars jacket
  • All qualifiers also receive €30 in food and beverage vouchers.Chance to meet and learn from top poker pros:

    A number of PokerStars Ambassadors and Team Pros will be on the ground in Prague, playing tournaments (of course) but also always happy to meet and talk with all players.

    Ambassadors will attend the player activities and will be happy to offer their tips and strategies for play, or just to pose for a selfie.

    More value for €25K+ players

    More than just a trophy for high rolling players

    The €50K Super High Roller (March 9-11) is the most expensive tournament on the schedule and will attract poker’s global elite to play. Bonuses for anybody playing a tournament with a buy-in of €25K and up include:

  • Food and beverage vouchers for every day of play
  • 50 percent rake reduction, if seated at start of tournament
  • Free PokerStars hoodie
  • Free massage
  • Keep an eye on the EPT Prague schedule for the full festival, as high roller tournaments have a habit of being added to satisfy demand.

    Find the latest updates about EPT Prague in the lead up to the event, on the PokerStars LIVE “Ask The Team” Facebook page.

    In short, whether you’re pondering visiting EPT Prague as a first-timer, or if you’re a veteran of Europe’s premier poker tour, the place to be in March will the Prague Hilton. We hope to see you there.

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