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So it turns out I can’t get a little bit pregnant. I seem to be incapable of having a passing interest in anything.

I’m binary. I’m bi-winning (by the way the Charlie Sheen melt down is the best news story of the last 10 years).

If I like something I can’t just read the odd article about it or watch a TV show occasionally. I need to know everything about it, constantly be receiving news about it and basically distil whatever it is into liquid form and slam it into a major artery.

The latest thing is the NBA basketball from Amercia. I’m not the only one. The NBA is on the up and up with a “golden generation” of stars and teams coming together this year and for some years to come. I’m a Boston Celtics fan but not set in stone yet as I have soft spots for other great players and teams. Tragically I’m on the “I hate the Miami heat” bandwagon — you’ve got to have heroes and villains haven’t you. and they fit the bill. I think they should embrace it and play up to it but they don’t seem capable of that. They seem a bit like spoiled kids who have been indulged all their lives and are suddenly disliked and can’t adjust. Anyway, I’m spending a lot of time trying to understand why Lebron doesn’t go to the rim more However, the other day I did learn the difference between pick and pop and a pick and roll so I’m all over it.

I’m writing this from UKIPT Manchester which is another sell out and another “cap buster.” I swear this tour will eat itself. Despite both the last events being sold out, I think they could have been even bigger. They’re going to have to start building bigger UK card rooms!


UKIPT Manchester final table where Nick Wealthall is undoubtedly hiding in the background looking up NBA scores

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