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We’ve all been in hands where things are going swimmingly through the flop and turn. You’ve built a nice pot and are comfortable with your hand. But then the one card you didn’t want to see hits the river.

What should you do in these spots? And how can you avoid losing money if the troublesome river is as troublesome as you think?


  • Inside the mind of a pro: When the river ruins everything
  • Bad reasons…for folding
  • New PLO Strategy video: Defending vs three-bets

When the river ruins everything

Be honest: when you make a mistake in a hand, how often do you go back and examine it?

Well, if PokerStars School’s resident coach Pete Clarke does it after every session, then we all should.

This week, Clarke looks into a 100NL Zoom hand in which a bad river caused him a headache and a hit to the bankroll.

“I have a feeling I might have failed to react well enough to this grotesque card falling,” he writes.

Read ‘Inside the mind of a pro: when the river ruins everything’.

Bad reasons…for folding

It might be common for players to invent bad reasons for putting their money into a pot, but as Clarke finds, it’s just as common to find students who make up bad reasons for folding.

In this article, Clarke breaks down some bad reasons for folding your hands, from feeling outmatched by your opponent, to being in the middle of a downswing.

Read ‘Bad reasons…for folding’ here.

New PLO Strategy video: Defending vs three-bets

Clarke continues his PLO: Beyond the basics video series this week with a focused look at defending your big blind when facing a three-bet.

If you want to stop being taking advantage of by the re-raise, this one is for you.

Watch the video here.

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