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“I’m caught in a trap,
I can’t walk out,
Because you trapped me, oh Phil Hellmuth.”

The Poker Brat himself, Phil Hellmuth, is a huge fan of trapping players with big hands, and some of his plays have certainly roused some Suspicious Minds over the years.

But when is it a good time to set the trap instead of betting for value?

That’s what we’re looking at today in this PokerStars School update.


  • Cash Hands for Beginners: Part 3 – When to Trap
  • 8-Game Hand Review – Stud-Hi/Lo Instalment
  • More from PokerStars School

Cash Hands for Beginners: Part 3 – When to Trap

The third edition of Pete Clarke’s ‘Cash Hands for Beginners’ video series tackles a common scenario in which players can often get badly wrong – trapping your opponent.

In this hand example, Clark covers elements such as ‘blockers’, protecting your flop checking range, reading hands, and exploiting a more aggressive opponent.

Watch ‘When to trap’ here.

8-Game Hand Review – Stud-Hi/Lo Instalment

Clarke has also ventured into the world of mixed games this week, working his way through the eight excellent games of 8-Game poker.

In this instalment, he’s taking a look at an interesting hand from Stud-Hi/Lo.

Here’s Clarke to tell you how the game works:

“Stud Hi-Lo is a split pot game where players are dealt seven cards and get to form two five cards hands from them. At showdown, half of the pot goes to the highest hand and the other half to the lowest hand.

“The only catch is that for a hand to qualify for the low half of the pot it needs to be 8-high or lower. If no one has a low, the full pot goes to the best high-hand. Players start with three cards, two face-down and one face-up.”

Check out the Stud-Hi/Lo hand review here.

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