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Yesterday PokerStars kicked off a #TWITTERWCOOP promotion by asking you to read a blog post. More than 2,000 of you read about the ten-day promotion that is currently running on Twitter, thus completing the challenge (our target was 500) and adding $500 to the prize pool. This brings the total for our TWITTERWCOOP freeroll up to an impressive $5,500 with nine challenges still to go!

The second challenge is one we are sure will prove popular. We have 500 free $1 tickets available for a WCOOP satellite. All you have to do is write a message to @pokerstars on Twitter with your PokerStars ID and the hashtag #TWITTERWCOOP.


You have exactly 24 hours to do this, with only the first 500 people to respond being eligible. (NB: maximum one ticket per ID – players must also be able to access the .com or .eu client.)

Be sure to come back tomorrow to see how you did and discover the next challenge.

What are you still doing reading this blog post? Get on Twitter now and best of luck!

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