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If you were watching your Twitter feed a few minutes ago, you likely saw Team Pro Liv Boeree give you a chance to win a $215 ticket to the $8 million guaranteed 8th anniversary Sunday Million.

What? You don’t follow Liv on Twitter. Come on! It’s not like she hides. She’s verified by Twitter, for Pete’s sake. Here, click this link: @Liv_Boeree. While you’re at it, follow Lex “@RaSZi” Veldhuis. He’s in on this, too.

Now, if you had been following Liv, you would’ve seen that she just offered up something pretty cool. Here is her tweet.

That’s right. Liv is going to get together with Lex in a few days and pick the best answer to the question “What would #8milliondollars mean to you?”

You answer could be whatever you want. You’ll just need to make sure you include your PokerStars player ID, the #8milliondollars hashtag, and a good answer. Mine would be something like:

From @BradWillis: @Liv_Boeree: With #8milliondollars I would be able eat food and fill up my gas tank in the same week! [Blogger Brad]

NEIL5668__PCA2014_Liv_Boeree_Neil Stoddart.jpg

The pensive look with which Liv will study your entry

So, follow Liv and Lex and get your entry in quickly. As I understand it, they are going to be picking the winner on March 1. It’s the cheapest way you’re getting in to the big one. (But you can still get in for a dollar if you don’t win Liv and Lex’s contest).

Good luck!

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