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What’s up players! We’re about to give away at least 15 packages to the European Poker Tour (EPT) stop in Sochi.

To claim yours, all you have to do to is make it through the $215 Mega-Satellite Qualifier coming up this Sunday at 17:05 WET.

Winners of the Mega-Satellite will receive a full package to EPT Sochi, which includes entry to the event, along with luxury hotel accommodation, and a big wad of cash for expenses. You’ll have the chance to experience the beautiful mountain resort of Sochi, Russia, and play for a guaranteed $1.9 million in one of live poker’s greatest series.

Regular Sochi qualifiers give away one package guaranteed. The Mega-Satellite Qualifier offers 15 packages. It’s a huge opportunity for you to qualify online. Get involved this Sunday!

The opulent Casino Sochi

EPT Sochi

EPT Sochi is one of the greatest live events of the year. There’s a guaranteed prize pool of $1.9 million up for grabs, not to mention the chance to relax in a Russian mountain resort known for its beauty and hospitality.

You can take in the fresh air, ski, socialize and, of course, play poker until you drop. Wherever you’re from in this big wide world, you don’t want to miss it.

We know what you’re thinking: it’s too far and you don’t speak Russian.

No excuses my friend. A visit to Sochi should be on every player’s bucket list. If you don’t believe us, then we’re going to shamelessly convince you.

Here’s why you should go to Sochi (even if you have to get two flights)

EPT Sochi is awesome!

Simply put, EPT Sochi is an unforgettable experience.

Where Barcelona gives you beaches, Sochi gives you epic mountains and skiing. It’s an excellent contrast for poker players who like to travel on the live circuit, or anyone looking to join a friendly community and see more of the world.

The slopes near to the EPT Sochi tournament room

We also like to jazz it up with extra activities. There’s loads going on, from bowling and karaoke nights, to a player’s party with free bar and a live music concert. You can meet and greet players like Chris Moneymaker, Dmitry Guberniev and last year’s PSPC winner Ramon Colillas.

$215 mega-satellites give you great value

The buy-in for the EPT Sochi Main Event is RUB 175,000, which is around $2,725.

$215 mega-satellites give you a more affordable opportunity to qualify for the tournament. Anyone who qualifies via satellite gets the full EPT package, with all expenses covered. Imagine finishing your session this Sunday with a trip to Sochi all set!

You can even qualify for free

You don’t even have to buy in directly for the Mega-Satellite. There are EPT Sochi satellites available for buy-ins of $11 and $22 and $2.20.

You can also find special Freebuy tournaments in the PokerStars lobby. These games are completely free to enter, and then you can purchase optional rebuys for $0.11. You can make it to Sochi for literally nothing.

You can also win a Platinum Pass to the PSPC

All players who qualify online for EPT Sochi will be invited to play in a bonus shootout tournament. This takes place shortly before Day 2 of the event commences.

Players are dealt three hole cards and must decide which one to fold after the flop. Everyone is all-in until the winner is declared.

The winner of the shootout will be awarded a Platinum Pass, joining poker players from all walks of life to compete at the PSPC in Barcelona.

It instantly makes you more hardcore than your friends

We get it. You’ve been to a few places in your time. You’ve hit up a few live games. Maybe you’ve been to the EPT in Barcelona or Prague, both epic cities in their own right.

Sochi is cooler…

Hear me out. Imagine you’re telling an easily bored poker friend about your recent live experiences. The first conversation is you after a trip to Barcelona.

You: “Hey, I just got back from the EPT Barcelona!”
Easily Bored Poker Friend (EBPF): “Meh, what, did you bring back any duty free?”

Now try this one:

You: “Hey, I just got back from EPT Sochi!”
EBPF: (sits up) “Sochi, where’s that?!”
You: “It’s in Russia.”
EBPF: “Russia! Wow, what was that like? Is it a friendly place? Did you get time to do any skiing?”
You: “Take a seat…”

Register for the $215 Mega-Satellite now under the “Tournament” tab in the PokerStars lobby.

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