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Just how great would it be to be freewheeling around the neighbourhood on a brand new bike worth £15000, AND which you didn’t pay a penny for?

Well then here’s your chance to win that very bike in a special prize draw to celebrate the launch of Grand Tour poker on PokerStars.

Have you ever asked yourself what on earth has cycling got to do with poker?

Well if you haven’t, it turns out there’s lots.

Before we get to that though, a few things you might not have known.

20 million people on their bikes

According to new research, commissioned by PokerStars, a third of the UK population – so that’s about 20 million people – cycle every month?

We’re not talking about cycling up mountains, or against the clock. But just on a bike in one form or another. That includes just nipping to the shops (and who hasn’t secretly pretended to be in some sort of race with nothing but an open road, or cycle lane ahead of you, albeit carrying a newspaper and two pints of milk?)

The research also shows that on average Brit spends just under three months of their lives cycling?

That’s the equivalent of riding from Land’s End to John O’Groats 32.2 times.**

Or to the shops and back several thousand times.^

And presumably between now and Christmas. That’a a lot of cycling.

It’s even more profound in Spain where Spaniards spend double the amount of time Brits do on a bike. Possibly because it’s easier to ride a bike when not wearing winter hats and waterproofs.

Turns out the research got even more though.

For the thrills

When it comes to the reasons why people saddle up, some 18% of British men claim to do so for the thrill of riding. Even more (23%) say it’s because it helps them feel adventurous.

So if we’re talking thrills and adventure then we’re suddenly into that part of the Venn diagram where poker and cycling overlap.

Here is that diagram in case you’re one of the 91% of people*** who can’t remember what a Venn diagram is…


Venn diagram combining poker and cycling

Coincidentally the diagram itself looks a little bit like a bike

So we’re combining the two — for anyone who falls into that middle bit of the diagram. OR… anyone else really — with a free to enter prize draw to win a fabulous new road bike wroth more than £15000.

It fits nicely with the launch of our cycling themed poker game which offers just as much thrill as getting on your bike and freewheeling downhill to corner shop.

Spandex is optional.

So what’s the game?

You might already have seen it, and even played it. It’s called Grand Tour, and it’s a cycling themed game that will challenge speeding down your local hill for thrills by turning buy ins of about €1 into up to €100,000. It looks great too.

The beautiful Grand Tour lobby

As games go is super easy to play.

And one of the best features is that each “sprint” only takes between 5 and 10 minutes.

So if you only have minutes free to play poker, rather than hours, you don’t need to commit to playing for longer than you want.

That makes it quick and easy to try.

To get started you can read our simple step by step guide. There you’ll find:

  • A quick explanation of all the rules
  • How to play
  • And how increase your chances of winning

Think of it as a guide to removing the stabilizers from your first bike.

You can also get some help on how to win from OP-Poker, our resident expert, who wrote this article giving their Grand Tour tips.

He talks you through the basics, and what to expect. It’ll take the mystery out of things and get you started.

How to win?

But what about that bike we mentioned? How do you win that?

Well, like I mentioned, PokerStars is giving away a custom super bike worth £15000+ in a special prize draw.

Here’s a picture of it…

The winner of the prize draw will win this bike worth more than £15000

The bike is designed by Spoon Customs and is based on their award winning Izoard RR race bike with a value of more than £15,000.

It’s handmade using the best materials the Italian craftsman can get their hands on. They ensure the bikes are fitted, fabricated and finished to the highest standards.

That’s sure to leave the winner turning heads as they trundle along the A-roads of Britain, easing their way up local climbs, and then swooping downhill trying to avoid potholes.

All you need to do now is complete the details on the prize draw website. The contest is open to anyone over the age of 18 in the UK, France or Spain.

Get on your bike

But act quickly. Entries into the prize draw close on 8 October, which is less than three weeks from now. So enter right away.

One last thing. There are always terms and conditions with contests like this, so make sure you’re familiar with them by reading them here (it’ll take about a minute).

Oh, and remember to play responsibly.  For more information on responsible gaming please visit our website at


*Based on an assumption that respondents in the UK start spending an average of 3.14 hours a month cycling from age 7 (6.65 years old) which is when the research showed that respondents got their first bike on average and ending at age 60.

New research commissioned by PokerStars and conducted by Censuswide between 13.07.20-20.07.20 with 1,010 UK adults.

**Based on Strava data which states that the average male UK cyclist rides at an average speed of 25.61kmh (15.9mph), whilst the average UK female hits 19.84kmh (12.32mph). The research was conducted in 2016 and was sourced from a total of 27.4 million UK bike rides uploaded.

***This figure is made up.

^ This figure is based completely on guesswork.


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