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Live updates from Day 1a of the World Cup of Poker VI brought to you by Stephen Bartley. You can find the teams in our tournament introduction as well as a run down on what’s in store today. You can also check in on the PCA main event final table here, and watch it all for yourself on EPTLive.

8.25pm: Day 1a results
The results are in and the points have been calculated. Then they were added to the team’s other points, checked, re-checked, corrected, done again and confirmed. Here are the standings:

1st – Croatia – 95 points
2nd – Norway – 93 points
3rd – Canada – 85 points
4th – Chinese Taipei – 84 points
5th – Chile – 83 points
6th – Finland – 82 points
7th – USA – 79 points
8th – Germany – 77 points
9th – Italy – 71 points

Congratulations to Croatia. A full wrap of the day’s action, including the plan for tomorrow, will be published shortly.

8.15pm: All over
Although not for long. Templin just got unlucky when his opponent rivered an ace to take most if his chips. Two hands later he’d sealed another win for Canada, winning the points and bringing day 1a to a close. The result:

Table 3

1st – Canada — 10 points
2nd – USA — 8 points
3rd – Italy — 7 points
4th – Germany — 6 points

8.10pm: Closing in
The last two heads up battles have been the focus of attention for those still lingering the the World Cup end of the tournament floor. Table one finally found it’s winner in Steve Deschesnes of Canada who finally out did Mauricio Ibarra to first place. The full result:

Table 1

1st – Canada — 10 points
2nd – Chile — 8 points
3rd – Finland — 7 points
4th – Italy — 6 points

Kevin Burill of Canada and Ryan Templin play on.

7.50pm: Three more tables have declared:

Table 4

1st – USA — 10 points
2nd – Germany — 8 points
3rd – Canada — 7 points
4th – Finland — 6 points

Table 8

1st – Finland — 10 points
2nd – Italy — 8 points
3rd – Chile — 7 points
4th – Croatia — 6 points

Table 2

1st – Chinese Taipei — 10 points
2nd – USA — 8 points
3rd – Germany — 7 points
4th – Norway — 6 points

7.45pm: Still with me?
At stake tonight for the highest scoring team is a day off tomorrow and a free ride into the final on Wednesday. Everyone else will return tomorrow to play a series of heads up matches to determine a finishing order. That will determine the starting stacks for all nine teams for the final table.

7.40pm: “It’s going to be close.”
I’m just getting word in my ear piece it’s not yet in the bag for Croatia. Norway are blazing a trail through the last round of the day and should both they and Croatia tie it will be down to the number of heats won. As of now Norway have six to Croatia’s three. No wait. Croatia just took another one. It’s going down to the wire.

7.30pm: Table five declared
Yet more news from the floor with table five claimed by Norway:

Table 5

1st – Norway — 10 points
2nd – Chinese Taipei — 8 points
3rd – Germany — 7 points
4th – Croatia — 6 points

7.25pm: Keeping up to speed
A frenetic round so far. Shares in Christian Stokkeland of Norway are through the roof after he stormed through to hands to go heads up with Taipei’s Lai Wan Shyun. His countryman, well, not so good. Gier Plassen is out of his heat and on his way to the drinks reception later tonight.


Valeria Bucciarelli (right) of Italy and Kirsi Korpi (left) of Finland

Italy took another hit when Valeria Bucciarelli lost with tens against Croatia’s hit man. Croatia meanwhile have won the first heat and have already finished top on points today. they get a day off tomorrow while the rest are now competing for what’s left of the points.

Table 7

1st – Croatia — 10 points
2nd – Norway — 8 points
3rd – Canada — 7 points
4th – Chinese Taipei — 6 points

7.05pm: Why hand around?
With 15 minutes played table four is already down to just two players, Michael Dietrich busting for Canada while Antti Marijarvi did the same for Finland. It’s left to USA and Germany to battle out the winners points.

Elsewhere Chile are a man down, Shaun Sheffield (not exactly Chilean but he has lived there for 11 years), saying “Ah, come on!” to what was once his table, I’d say the victim of a bad beat.

Here’s a reminder of where the teams stand on points:

1st – Croatia – 63 points
2nd – Norway – 59 points
3rd – Chile – 56 points
4th – Chinese Taipei – 53 points
5th – Finland – 51 points
5th Canada – 51 points
6th – Germany – 49 points
7th – USA – 46 points
9th – Italy – 42 points

6.45pm: Places please
No time to lose, the third round is about to start. This round feature four-handed sit n-go’s. Once more everyone will start with 3,000 chips with 15 minute levels and again the team captains are restricted to watching from the rail. We’ll be under way in a few minutes.


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