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They call Imari Love “Doctor” Love. I did check, but could find no line in the KISS track “Dr Love” that wouldn’t be grossly inappropriate. Imari Love has been known as “Doctor” since he was ten years old, a title that we should stress carries no medical qualification or authority.

“It’s my nickname,” said Love. “I’ve been Doctor Love since I was ten years old for how I used to operate on the basketball court, how I operated when I was a little older with women and now how I operate at the poker table.”

The last couple of days have been good for the Doctor. Not only was yesterday his 36th birthday, but the stock analyst from Chicago bagged up 653,000 last night and played the whole day safe in the knowledge that he could leave the bubble shenanigans to others less fortunate than himself.

2010 WSOP_Main Event_Day 3_Joe Giron_JGP9397.jpg

Imari “Doctor” Love

Love will be making his biggest WSOP cash this week but it’s by no means his first World Series experience. A regular at the Horseshoe in East Chicago, Love has been playing World Series events for a few years, but he won his trip to Las Vegas – his first Main Event – on PokerStars where he won his seat to the World Series for a total outlay of $13. Regardless, he didn’t feel overwhelmed walking into the Amazon Room on day one.

“I’ve played in World Series events, a couple every year, three already this year in June so I’m no stranger to the atmosphere, how big the room is, to see all the big names in poker,” said Love. “There was no being awestruck.”

That lack of awe-strike may have been responsible for his strong climb up the chip charts, at one time peaking at more than 700,000 before dropping down a little before yesterday’s close.

“I was all-in on day three, aces versus kings. Ironically he’d just won a huge 200,000 pot with aces versus kings. So that was 200,000 plus pot from that point on I just got hit with the deck and ran over the table.”

So far so good despite there still being a long way to go. But regardless of what’s at stake, and having spent four days at the table, Love remains pragmatic.

“If you’d asked me a week ago if I’d take where I am now I’d have said yes.”



Gulater Salles, winning with aces versus ace-queen on a 410J[J7 board. He is now up to 500,000.



Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier’s pocket fives against Robert Mizrachi’s kings. Mercier is down below 200,000



Las Vegas, NV: 105 degrees



It’s been a typical hour in the life of Johnny Lodden, and he’s now down to about 300,000 from a high point of more than 750,000. He bluffed off 250,000 on a Q-J-10 board – his opponent had ace-king. And then he lost another 200,000 on a K-J-8 board when a different opponent had ace-king again. Knowing Lodden, he will not be on 250,000 at the end of the next level, but no one can predict which direction he will swing this time.



Jason Mercier: If u rebuild it. They will come

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