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Welcome to day six of the World Series of Poker, or day ten if you’d prefer to count it by the number of times you’ve switched on to read live coverage. Players are pacing up and down the corridors of the Rio hotel right now waiting for the green light to cross the barricades to their seats and at the same time press folk look for a new angles and new stories from the faces growing more recognisable as each day passes. Meanwhile the lone dealer at the feature table fine tunes her aim by firing off cards to nine invisible players.


We’re mid way through level 21, a total of 41 hours of poker having been played in this event, reducing a field originally 7,319 strong to just 205. Of that 44 are PokerStars players or qualifiers, a remarkably high percentage that speaks volumes of the talent that calls the online lobbies of PokerStars home.

Of those 44, four hail from the Team PokerStars Pro stable.

Johnny Lodden tops the red spade quartet, returning with 1,625,000 today, marginally ahead of his friend and fellow Team Nordics William Thorson who has 1,607,000. Not far behind them is JP Kelly from the UK, who unpacks 1,474,000 while Brazilian Gualter Salles, who had been reduced to nothing more than an ante at one stage yesterday, returns to play a miracle stack of 939,000.

But it’s the lesser known figures handling the overall lead with PokerStars player Evan Lamprea topping the lot with 3,564,000. A hat tip also to Breeze Zuckerman, the last lady standing in the event, and a PokerStars player no less, who returns with 738,000 chips with which to prolong her main event.

There are others, details of which will appear as the day progresses. Day six is scheduled to be five levels long but will stop if the field is reduced to between 63 and 81 players. We’ll take the under on the levels but either way the nature of this Main Event will be changed in the next few hours.

You can keep tabs on who has been eliminated throughout the day on our winner’s page and find out what’s at stake on our prize money page.

That’s it. Play is set to get under way soon.

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