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Rather like Atomic Fireballs or picking at scabs, people tend to either like Twitter so much that it becomes an addiction, or hate it so passionately that 140 characters = 10 four-letter words.

It’s difficult to think that civilisation survived 2006 years before they were able to share photographs of their breakfast with any great ease, but since the inception of this wonder/menace a mere four years ago, it has revolutionised “reporting” across the board.

I’ll be honest, I’m a bit of a sceptic. If I’m “feeling tired, might lay on the couch for a bit”, I’m largely capable of keeping that thought to myself. Similarly, if “nothing much is happening at the moment” I’ll assume no one is that bothered in hearing about it.

However, on days like today, I quite like Twitter. Blue-badged media (ie, us dancing monkeys at PokerStars Blog) are not allowed anywhere near the final few tables at the World Series Main Event and so cannot sweat the action first hand. Instead we have to bend ropes and stand on tip-toes, else watch when a player is reaching for their cellphone, then fire up the Tweet Deck and read what they have to say.

Jean-Robert Bellande likes Twitter. I think this is fair to say. Since play began on day six, only five hours ago, he has fired 25 tweets and/or retweets into cyberspace – not bad when you remember texting at the table is officially against the rules.


Jean-Robert Bellande tweets from the table

Bellande has had his fair share of ups and downs over the past few years – bankroll issues among them – and his Twitter name @brokelivingjrb certainly hints at the lifestyle he has come to embrace/endure. He also pulls few punches in his 140-character dispatches: we hear the pride of showing “a 400k turn bet bluff. If I can’t win w aces, I’ll do it the dirty way” but we also learn when “Newcomer Redmond Lee rips me to shreds”.

Ever since Bellande affixed a PokerStars patch to his hat earlier in the Main Event, things have been moving in a generally upward direction. Sure, there’s the occasional aces cracked incident (“When the crowd gasped “ohhh” after he rivered the K, no surprise that I was the other *****. Aces cracked by Kings”) but Bellande is still very much involved with 121 players left.


Jean-Robert Bellande, who has more than 2 million chips (and 7,308 followers on Twitter)

And, as his Twitter followers will know, Bellande will receive another welcome boost to the bankroll if he can continue to withstand the buffeting for another few hours. “If I make 90th place, I will surpass @BoostedJ 2010 wsop cashing and win 30k from our prop bet. He laid 3:1.”

It’s long been a fact of poker that the more chips one has, the more one tends to talk, giving rise to the notion of “chirping chips”. But that’s old skool. It’s 2010 now and we’re into the era of “tweeting chips”. Bellande has about 2.1 million of them right now. But you probably already heard.



We’ll have a full report on all of the following in our next post:

  • Breeze Zuckerman, the last woman sitting, is now the last woman standing. She is out.
  • Johnny Lodden has just been crippled due to a cooler.
  • Michael Skender is also shipping more than 1.6 million across the table in yet another cooler.
  • Stand-by for full details of this bloodbath.



    The Team PokerStars Pro Gualter Salles was involved in a pot with Andrew Brokos and David Baker. The short version is that Salles folded what would have been a king-high flush, David Baker went all the way with his pocket queens, but Andrew Brokos rivered an ace-high flush to take it down. It looked like this:


    Gualter Salles confidentally enters the pot…


    …but is soon put to an agonising decision as to whether to call


    Salles folded, but David Baker called and had his pocket queens outdrawn, costing him huge chunks of his stack


    Baker rues the outdraw


    Andrew Brokos collects all the chips



    Theo Jorgensen’s table is the only table where those not wearing baseball caps outnumber those that do.

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