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Morning all – it’s another hot one in Las Vegas. On the walk over to the Rio Hotel and Casino this morning, the PokerStars Blog team were chewing through their regular subjects of conversation: the merits of sourdough toast, the joys of the Palms Hotel’s music collection, and Atomic Fireball candy.

We were also talking about World Series of Poker scheduling – and in particular what today, day seven of the Main Event, had in store.

We return to the Amazon Room with 78 players still in the hunt for the seats among the November Nine. The idea today is to make pariahs of 51 of them and leave us with 27. In World Series poker, 27 is a magic number. It represents three tables of nine and is the target for the penultimate day.


Big stacks

How long will it take to get there? Who knows. Really, who knows. The organisers have allotted five two-hour levels, but the optimists in the press box feel it could be done within four. Some will be confounded and others will say: “There, I told you so.” We have no real choice but to dig in and wait.

The Dane Theo Jorgensen is the overall leader, but forgive us if we divert our attentions to two other Scandinavians: the Team PokerStars Pro duo of Johnny Lodden and William Thorson. They’ve never made the money in the same tournament before and now they’re shoulders-deep in the biggest one of them all. They’re great friends, team-mates and fierce rivals. Thankfully the table draw has split them up – at least for the opening stages – but fireworks will still fly.


William Thorson and Johnny Lodden share their thoughts with Thor Hansen, the Scandinavian poker veteran, in a break during yesterday’s play

There’s a usual raft of PokerStars qualifiers, sponsored players and Supernovas still fighting too. Michael Skender is right up there despite a roungh day yesterday. Michiel Sijpkens could possibly be the youngest ever World Series champion. (He has five months even on Joe Cada.)


Michiel Sijpkens, in the flush of youth

There are even some North Americans alive, clinging to the heels of the Europeans. David Assouline, Corey Emery, Matt Affleck, et al will all have their say. Stick with us.

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