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Winner of Event 41 last week was James “Jmm256 Maxwell.

Maxwell, 27, grew up in Scotland (“the cold hard streets of Glasgow”), and came around to poker as a gamer. Having played other cards games such as Yugioh and World of Warcraft–being realm champion of the UK in the latter for two years (“essentially the national champ”)–he found he had some transferable skills when the same crowd of friends began playing poker. And so he opened a PokerStars account, picked out a username (“Jmm1 through to Jmm255 were taken”), and was soon playing professionally.

james_maxwell_tcoop_JAN17.jpgJames “Jmm256” Maxwell

The TCOOP was the most prestigious of his career so far, and had a powerful effect on the Scot.

“I just felt huge amounts of excitement and had adrenaline pumping through my veins, definitely a positive experience,” he said. “This is my biggest win by a decent margin, I usually play Sit & Go’s, so the cashes aren’t usually too large.”

As for the highlight of this past year: “I’d be lying if I didn’t say winning the TCOOP.”

Maxwell celebrated with friends after his win, although he has plans for the $31,000 prize money.

“I’m pimping the house out with some top of the range virtual reality gear and a trip to Amsterdam with the girlfriend.”

That’s all the bases covered.

Read all about Maxwell’s win here.

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