“12 Days of Spraggmas” update – Spraggmas Day is almost here!

December 20, 2019inPoker

Sure, it’s nearly Christmas. But Spraggmas is even closer!

‘Tis the season for the popular “Spraggmas” PokerStars avatar

To review, the 12 Days of Spraggmas is not unlike the famous “12 labours of Arlie” some of you may recall. During the holiday season, Benjamin “Spraggy” Spragg has agreed to stream for 12 days, and each day he gets a new challenge to complete during that day’s stream. Each time he completes a challenge during a stream, a $215 PokerStars Ticket is added to a freeroll.

Also part of the fun has been this special Spraggmas avatar (see at right) that players have been able to select in the PokerStars client. Whenever Spraggy has streamed, he’s been giving the first five players he sees with the Spraggmas avatar a free $11 ticket.

For days 1-9, there is not much to say:

On the first day of Spraggmas, Spraggy had to double his stack at NL50 HU.

On the second day, Spraggy had to win twice with the “magic hand” — pocket tens.

On the third day, Spraggy had to win three Spin & Go’s in a row.

On the fourth day, Spraggy had to play four 4-card tournaments — pot-limit Omaha, that is.

On the fifth day, Spraggy had to 5x his stack an NL5.

On the sixth day, Spraggy had to win six 6+ Hyper Turbo Sit & Go’s.

On the seventh day, Spraggy had to cash 7 MTTs.

On the eighth day, Spraggy had to win 8 flips — pocket pair versus overs.

On the ninth day, Spraggy had to bluff 9 times and show his cards.

Spraggy has accepted and completed these challenges without much complaining. Not more than what is usual for Spraggy, anyway.

Day 10 was different, though. Something wasn’t right with the video delivering that day’s challenge. The message PokerStars sent to him read “Hey Spraggy, is challenge number 10 the one that knocks you out?” He was quick to assume that he will have to knock out 10 players.

That might have been the plan of his moderators RuthAnnK and DatPaddy initially. But as we say, something was wrong with the video that day.

Due to a “video glitch,” Spraggy had to get 10 100 bounties to complete the challenge (!).

Spraggy speculated that he was meant to fail it, but he went for it in the end, anyway. He quickly realized that $1 Hyper-Turbo KO Sit & Go’s would be the way to go.

After playing over 50 of these — in addition to his regular tournament schedule which included KO MTTs — Spraggy completed the impossible after nine-and-a-half hours of streaming.

That means Spraggy won another $215 MTT Ticket for his community and avoids a forfeit his moderators have ready for him, should he ever fail a challenge.

But it wasn’t the only thing he won — while trying to complete the challenge, he also accidentally won the $82 Turbo PKO for a total of $2,000!

Spraggy is yet to receive and complete challenge 11 and 12. Follow him on www.twitch.tv/Spraggy to get notified when he next streams — and tune in on Spraggmas Day, Monday, Dec 23rd, to find out what his present might be and how to join the Spraggmas Freeroll!



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