2007 World Series: Part 5 – Final Table Coverage

July 18, 2007

RaiNKhaN has danced his last step at the 2007 World Series.

Jerry Yang, as we’ve reported here already, has been as active as anybody at the final table. He’d busted every player so far. One time, he’d made a move with J8, only to have it suck out on Lee Child’s KJ. RaiNKhaN no doubt held this in mind as he put together an unorthodox play from the small blind.

It could best be described as a combination isolation stop-and-go. After facing a raise to 1.5 million from Yang, RaiNKhaN made it six million to play from the small blind. This left RaiNKhaN only about three million in his stack. Yang, instead of re-raising all-in, simply called. Before the flop came out, RaiNKhaN moved all-in in the dark. The flop fell K42. Yang didn’t think for long before calling.

Yang ended up turning over JJ against RaiNKhaN’s AQ.

By the river, RaiNKhaN had not caught up and was eliminated in sixth place.

It’s been rare in the past week to see RaiNKhaN get in with the worst of it. He finally decided it was time to start pushing the edges.

“I played as good as I can in this tournament,” he said. “I lost two races in a row. I don’t blame [Yang] for the call. He’s been playing great. I guess it’s just his day. I wish him the best of luck.”

When it was over, RaiNKhaN walked out into a different world. Hordes of media were lines up for interviews. Spectators were waiting with Sharpie markers in hand and requesting autographs.

For the past year or so, RaiNKhaN has been famous as the not-bot in PokerStars SNG lore. Now, he moves on to a different kind of fame…and a different kind of fortune. For his sixth place finish, he earns $956,243.


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