2008 World Series: Coren making up for lost time

June 30, 2008

As we mentioned earlier in the week, Victoria Coren has finally made it Vegas and is itching to play as much as she can. Today, she very well may be playing a move out of Barry Greenstein’s book.

Today, she returns for Day 2 of the $1,500 HORSE event, and, if we’re to believe a late-night dispatch from her, she is in this massive field of $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em Players.

“A friend of mine has talked me (completely against my better judgment) into playing the $1500 NLH at noon,” she said,”and then if I’m not knocked out in the first three hours I will be in two events – totally sick!”

Whether she’s referring to the situation or herself is not entirely clear. Having known Vicky for several years now, I don’t get the impression that she can’t handle two tournaments at once, nor that she would feel too badly about playing both.

“What the hell,” she reasoned. “Most serious poker players manage to spend seven weeks out here and play dozens of events. I had so much work in London, I only got here a couple of days ago and there were only about three tournaments left before the main event. So there’s a certain twisted logic to trying to play as many as possible in the small window”

We probably should’ve seen this coming. When Coren arrived in town, she was eager. How eager. Check out the video blog below.

Watch WSOP 08: Victoria Coren Interview on PokerStars.tv

We’re still looking for her around the room. Not finding her here immediately doesn’t mean she didn’t show up. It is only an indication of today’s tournaments size. Whatever the result, Coren had pretty much rationalized it before going to sleep.

“My tired sun-struck brain can almost see the sense in it.. I wouldn’t do it if I had a lot of chips in the HORSE, but a horrible final hand of Seven Stud left me with only 8900, so I’m gambling,” she said. “This from someone who hasn’t even learned to multi-table successfully on PokerStars yet, never mind live action. But I’ve eaten so much junk since I got here, I could probably do with the exercise.”

The HORSE event is about to re-start for the day, so we should soon learn whether Coren woke up in the same mood. For the sake of the story, we hope so.


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