2009 PCA: Late Night Musings

January 07, 2009

Tables are breaking at a rapid pace as a flurry of bustouts have been increasing over Level 7. There are around 270 players remaining with 30 minutes to go in this level.

– A couple of Team Poker Stars Pros are no longer with us. Dario Minieri and Isabelle Mercier are both out. PokerStars sponsored player Maria “Maridu” Mayrinck also joined them on the rail.

– Ricky “FiveFingerz” Puleo took a couple of hits and slipped to 37,000 before he busted a player and increased his stack to 60,000. His table broke and he was moved to the same table as Greg “FBT” Muller and PokerStars qualifier Javier “Anguila” Etayo. Within a couple of orbits, he jumped up to 100,000 when he knocked out former hockey pro Greg Mueller. Puleo’s Aces held up against Mueller’s Kings.

– There are two world champions sitting with ten feet of each other; Chris Moneymaker (2003 WSOP Main Event) and Spain’s Carlos Mortensen (2001 WSOP Main Event). Chris Moneymaker is looking extremely relaxed. He kicked off his sneakers and seems content with a 50,000 or so stack. Mortsensen is sitting at an adjacent table and has over 69,000 which he obsessively and compulsively arranged where all the markings on the sides of the chips are perfectly aligned.


Carlos Mortensen

– Brandon Schaefer is down to 20,300. “After 11 hours of play, I have a 300 chip profit,” joked Schaefer. Our conversation quickly changed to traveling since that’s all Schaefer does these days. Usually our banter begins with, “Where are you going next?” In case you were wondering, Schaefer is headed Los Angeles when the PCA is over.

– Phil Ivey left in quite a huff after his elimination.

– Victor Ramdin lost some of his stack and the Bronx, NY native slipped to 40,000.

– Humberto Brenes and Jan Von Halle tussled in a pot together. Brenes opened for a raise and Von Halle three-bet the unusually quiet Costa Rican. Brenes tanked for a couple of minutes before he flashed a used car salesman smile and folded. Von Halle showed Brenes pocket Kings.


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