2009 PCA: Post-Dinner Team PokerStars Update

January 07, 2009

Victor Ramdin seems to be doing the best out of all of the Team PokerStars Pros playing on Day 1B. Ramdin is closing in on 100,000.

The Brazilians are lurking near the top of the pack. Andre Akkari and Aelxandre Gomes have over 60,000

Katja Thater has been below average for most of the day. She’s hanging on with 18,000. He husband Jan Von Halle is sitting at the same table as Humberto Brenes and Joao Barbosa from Portugal. Brenes chipped up to 35,000 but the shark has been relatively quiet all evening. But if sharks stop moving forward, they will die.


Hevad Khan slipped to under 10,000. He drew a brutal starting table that included Gus Hansen, Layne Flack and Orel Hershiser. Since then, Khan been moved a couple of times. He survived his starting table but needs some help if he expects to advance to Day 2.

Chris Moneymaker has moved tables again. The former champ has a stack worth around 30,000.

Today’s action began ten-handed. Shortly after the dinner break, the tables will be reduced to nine players.

Update: Brandon Schaefer’s table broke and he was moved to Seat 1 at Chris Moneymaker’s table. Schaefer has around 16,000 or so.


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