2010 PCA High Roller: Day 4, levels 23, 24 and heads up live updates

January 14, 2010


Live updates from Day 4, levels 23 and 24 of the $25,000 High Roller brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains, Brad Willis.
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Level 23: 15,000-30,000 (3,000 ante)
Level 24: 20,000-40,000 (4,000 ante)
Level 25: 25,000-50,000 (5,000 ante)
Level 26: 30,000-60,000 (5,000 ante)

8:44pm: Reynolds wraps it up
And it is over. William Reynolds is the 2010 PCA High Roller champion. Will Molson moved all-in pre-flop and Reynolds snap-called. Molson held K♣8♦ to Reynolds A♦10♦. The board ran out 5♥7♥9♠J♥A♣. Molson wins $322,075 for second place. Reynolds picks up $576,240. A full wrap up of the day is coming up.

8.30pm: Approximate chip counts
William Reynolds — 3,000,000
Will Molson — 1,200,000

8:29pm: Reynolds gets it back
It some lightning-fire betting, Reynolds made it 125,000, Molson moved all-in, and Reynolds snap-called with 7♠7♦. Molson held A♥3♥. The board gave Molson a wheel draw, but his out didn’t hit and Reynolds is back to a 3-1 chip lead.


Molson in trouble

8.22pm: Blinds up
End of the level means new blinds as we creep into level 26. Blinds are now 30,000-60,000 with a 5,000 ante.

8.18pm: Approximate chip counts
That hand swings the advantage in Will Molson’s favour:
Will Molson — 2,400,000
William Reynolds — 2,000,000

8:17pm: Molson doubles through Reynolds
William Reynolds came in for his standard 110,000 raise and Molson almost immediately shoved all-in. “Do you have a hand?” Reynolds asked. He didn’t wait long before announcing call.

Molson: A♠9♣
Reynolds: A♦8♥

The flop brough two nines, nearly sealing the deal for Molson. He faded the runners and doubled up to 2.4 million. He now has a slight chip lead over William Reynolds for the first time since heads up play began.


Reynolds sees what he’s up against

8.10pm: All in
This is the first all in declaration of the heads-up duel. Reynolds raises to 110,000 and Molson shoves for 1,100,000 approx. Quick fold.

8.09pm: Approximate chip counts
William Reynolds — 3,100,000
Will Molson — 1,100,000

8:08pm: Nearly 3-1
William Reynolds came in for a raise to 110,000 and Will Molson called. The players checked the flop and turn on a 8♦2♦J♣A♠ board. On the 9♠ river, Reynolds bet 170,000 and Molson called. Reynolds held pocket tens for the win. Reynolds now has Molson almost 3-1 in chips.

8pm: Two to Reynolds, no showdown
Molson completes Reynolds’ big blind and they see a 4♣3♠2♠ flop. Molson bets 75,000, which Reynolds calls, and they both check the 10♠ turn. The river is 2♦ and Reynolds bets 165,000, which is enough to get rid of Molson.

On the next hand, Reynolds raises pre-flop, making it 110,000, and Molson calls. The flop is A♣A♦6♣ and Molson check-calls Reynolds’ 75,000 stab. They check the Q♦ turn and on the 8♣ river, Molson checks, Reynolds bets 285,000 and Molson folds.


Will Molson

7.52pm: Approximate chip counts
William Reynolds — 2,700,000
Will Molson — 1,500,000

7.49pm: Update
Some pre-flop betting and some pre-flop folding. That’s your first ten minutes of play back from the break.

7.39pm: Cards in the air
We’re back from the break, fed and watered. Blinds are still 25,000-50,000 with a 5,000 ante for the remaining 41 minutes of this level.

7pm: Pause in play
Players are taking a 30 minute break midway through the level to allow the TV crew to eat after a long shift. Chip counts are as follows:

William Reynolds — 2,600,000
Will Molson — 1,570,000

6:46pm: First hand at the new level
On a raise to 120,000 from Molson, Reynolds called. The flop K♠Q♣5♥, Reynolds checked and Molson did the same. The 3♦ came on the turn. Reynolds bet 185,000 and Molson folded. There are only 80 or so big blinds left at the final table. Thing is, the guys are pretty evenly matched, so the big bets aren’t coming right now.

6.45pm: We play on
Time is called on this level. Players have already agreed to delayed the dinner break so will play on. Blinds now increase to 25,000-50,000 with a 5,000 ante as we enter level 25.

6.40pm: Check check
A hand gets checked down on a board of 7♥6♥8♣5♠J♥. Williams Reynolds shows 10♠4♥ for a straight, taking the pot.

6:34pm: Reynolds stays ahead
Molson completed from the small blind and Reynolds checked. The flop came 4♠4♦9♠. Reynolds checked, Molson bet 65,000, and Reynolds called. The 7♣ on the turn brought checks from both players. The 3♣ came on the turn and Reynolds bet 135,000. He got the call and his 9♥7♥ was good for the win.


William Reynolds

6:29pm: Well that was weird
There was no action at all on the 10♥5♦8♣J♣J♠ board. At showdown the players turned up a pair of black nines and a pair of red nines.The chop makes us think we’ll be here until sometime this Sunday.

6.25pm: Approximate chip counts
William Reynolds — 2,400,000
Will Molson — 2,000,000

6:16pm: Reynolds outkicked
Reynolds raised to 85,000 pre-flop and Molson made the call. When the flop came down J♠K♥3♥, Molson checked and Reynolds checked behind. The 9♦ on the turn drew a 115,000 bet from Molson. Reynolds called. The river brought the J♣. Molson checked this time and Reynolds put out a 150,000 bet. Molson raised to 420,000 and Reynolds called. Both players had a jack, but Reynolds eight kicker was no good against Molson’s queen.

6:09pm: First hands of heads up goes to
On the first hand of heads-up play, it was a raise to 110,000 from Molson and a call fromo Reynolds. Both players checked the 10♥2♦4♥ flop. On the 9♥ turn, Reynolds led for 165,000 and Molson called. The river came the A♥. Both players checked and the J♠10♠ for Reynolds was better than Molson’s nine.


Will Molson (left) and William Reynolds

6.07pm: Play resumes
Handshakes and hugs and we’re playing again with 35 minutes remaining on the level.

5.55pm: Heads-up chips counts
William Reynolds — 2,455,000
Will Molson — 1,747,000

Players are taking a ten minute break before we rejoin the Battle of the Wills.

5.50pm: Adolfo Vaeza out in third earning $218,150
William Reynolds made it 90,000 pre-flop and Adolfo Vaeza called. They went to a flop of 4♦6♥A♦ and Reynolds fired 90,000. Vaeza moved all in over the top and it was an insta-call from Reynolds.

Reynolds: A♠K♠
Vaeza: 3♣5♣

So, it was top pair, top kicker for Reynolds and Vaeza needed to fill an open-ended straight draw to stay alive. He didn’t. The turn was J♥ and the river 5♠. Vaeza departs in third, the second time he’s finished in that spot in High Roller events.


Goodbye to Vaeza

5:34pm: Approximate chip counts
Will Molson — 2 million
William Reynolds — 1.5 million
Adolfo Vaeza — 700,000

5.30pm: Michiel Brummelhuis out in fourth, earning $154,350
Michiel Brummelhuis shoved under the gun for his last 350,000-odd. William Reynolds had the easiest decision of his tournament so far: he had woken up in the big blind with A♣A♥. Brummelhuis’ Q♠9♥ needed a lot of help – and the flop of 10♠6♦3♣ wasn’t it. The turn, though, was great for Brummelhuis: J♦ and he had picked up eight outs for the unlikely double through. However, the 7♦ river quashed his chances and he was gone.


Michiel Brummelhuis resigns himself to fourth place

5.25pm: Blinds up
Will Molson wins a small pot at the end of the level. We move now into level 24 and 20,000-40,000 blinds with a 4,000 ante.


The final four

5:15: From the files of The Blue Lagoon
William Reynolds raised to 70,000 and sent Will Molson back to his think-tank. When Molson emerged, he made it 171,000 from the small blind. Back to Reynolds who folded. This hand went nowhere, but gave us an opportunity to look at Reynolds a little more. It’s made us decide he might be related to Christopher Atkins, the man made famous by his appearance opposite Brooke Shields in the 1980 film “The Blue Lagoon.”

5:10pm: Molson gives up
Will Molson raised to 77,000 and William Reynolds re-raised to 192,000 out of the small blind. Michiel Brummelhuis got out of the way in the big blind. Molson assumed this thinking pose, then mucked.

5.06pm: Brummelhuis shoves
Michiel Brummelhuis just moved all in on the button for 330,000. Will Molson folded the small blind, Adolfo Vaeza did the same with the big.

5:04pm: Blind check-raising the blind
William Reynolds called from the small blind and Michiel Brummelhuis checked his option to the 7♦4♠ 9♣ flop. Reynolds checked, Brummelhuis bet 40,000, and Reynolds called. On the 8♣ turn, Reynolds checked again, Brummelhuis bet 95,000, and Reynolds almost immediately announced all-in, Brummelhuis insta-mucked.

4.50pm: Break-time chip counts

Will Molson – 1,483,000
William Reynolds – 1,199,000
Adolfo Vaeza – 1,026,000
Michiel Brummelhuis – 488,000


Will Molson

4.45pm: Adolfo Vaeza moves all-in
Will Molson raised to 80,000 from the small blind and Adolfo Vaeza called from the, for a flop of 8♣J♣K♠. Molson bet another 90,000 before Vaeza moved all-in for 427,000. Molson called showing A♣3♣ for a flush draw, against Vaeza’s K♥8♥ two pair.
The turn gave Molson a flush but filled Vaeza up, coming K♣. That was that. A 3♥ on the river and Vaeza doubles up. Players are now taking a 15 minute break.

4:39pm: Between the blinds
A battle of the blinds between William Reynolds and Michiel Brummelhuis ends when Brummelhuis bets 36,000 on a checked board showing Q♠6♠A♥4♦3♦. He’d made it 36,000 which prompted Reynolds to fold.

4:36pm: Lisa Hamilton eliminated in fifth place earning $133,770
William Reynolds opened to 70,000 which Will Molson called in the small blind. Lisa Hamilton was in the big blind and raised another 110,000 on top. Reynolds folded but Molson announced all-in. Hamilton called showing J♣J♠ while Molson turned over Q♥A♣. The board came 8♣4♥6♣Q♣K♠. The turn was the killer for Hamilton, the card that sends the WSOP Ladies event bracelet winner out in fifth place.


Players bid farewell to Lisa Hamilton

4.20pm: Who knows
It’s difficult to guess what anyone had here, but here’s how the hand played out. William Reynolds made up Michiel Brummelhuis’ blind and they saw a flop of 6♦3♣A♦ and both checked. The turn was A♣ and Reynolds check-called Brummelhuis’ 45,000 bet. The river was 5♦ and Reynolds led at it for 132,000. The optimistic prediction that this was an ace-five versus K♦ Q♦ cooler did not come true: Brummelhuis folded.

4:14pm: New level, new chip counts
We’ve moved up to a new level. Here’s some approximate chip counts.

Vaeza: 560,000
Reynolds: 1,150,000
Brummelhuis: 650,000
Molson: 1,350,000
Hamilton: 550,000


Will Molson


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