2014 Macau Millions: Final bubble

March 14, 2014

Day 1F was the longest day but had the quickest bubble.

It was no surprise considering we had five tables, several short stacks and massive blinds. When we got down to 50 players the short stacks couldn’t hold on and there were red all-in triangles flying all over.

When we got down to 43 players, a short stack went all-in for 34,500 from under-the-gun and Christopher Cheung re-shoved for 85,000 his left. Action folded to the big blind who who decided to think. The big blind thought some more, got the clock called on himself and then folded during the last ten seconds.


The pre-bubble bubble hand

Cheung showed 10♣10♠ while the at-risk player tabled K♣7♣.The board ran 2♦4♥A♣8♠2♣ and we hit the bubble.

Then, during the first hand of hand-for-hand play, Clement Chung Man Lau moved all-in with A♠9♠ and got called by 10♦10♣. Once again, pocket tends were good.

“Gimme an ace,” Lau pleaded with the dealer. But the dealer fanned out a 3♥8♦4♦3♣2♠ board instead.


Clement Chung Man Lau and Team PokerStars Bryan Huang

Lau was out in 42nd and our official Day 2 field was finally set.

Stay tuned for a full wrap of today’s events.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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