2014 Macau Millions: Free fall

March 08, 2014

We’ve hit the sub-40 mark and only 32 players remain.

One of the players not present in the final four tables is Percy Yung. Yung bubbled yesterday and tried to give it another go today.

Her Day 1B came to an end quicker than her first day after she got it all-in with A♦7♥. Her opponent had raised to 4,100 and then Yung moved all-in for about 15,000.

Action folded back to the initial raiser who quickly called and showed A♠K♠.

The board ran K♥10♦Q♣Q♠A♣ and Yung hit the rail.

Iori Yogo’s stack also slipped on to someone else. Yogo was short-stacked towards the end of Day 1A but managed to hang on and qualify as the short stack.

Yogo then gave it another shot today and got short early on. Yogo held on to his short stack throughout the day but it finally left his grasp in level 10.

The level continued to brutalize players and Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin also took a tumble.

This was Lin’s second buy-in today and 16th time attempting to cross the Day 2 barrier in the Macau Millions.

Lin limped from the small blind and then moved all-in after the big blind raised. The big blind called and had overcards to Lin’s pocket fours.

Lin lost the flip and another Macau Millions buy-in.

This leaves Tina Sekharan as the last woman standing in the Day 1B field. Sekharan will need some luck to make it through the day though as she only has about 10,000.


Tina Sekharan

Not everyone is busting out though. Some players are even doing fairly well. 2010 Macau Millions champ, Justin Chan, is still in the field at about average stack.

Stephen Wong, who had the lead earlier today is up to about 75,000 and holding strong.

Topping the field is another Norwegian, Henrik Tollefsen.


Henrik Tellefsen

Yesterday, the top two spots were taken by Norwegians and now Tollefsen has become the first player to break the six-figure chip mark with 103,000.

But there’s a man from Hong Kong close at his heels.

Alex Liu is just a few blinds away from Tollefsen with 97,000.


Alex Liu

Twenty-one more players need to hit the rail before we call it a day.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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