2014 Macau Millions: Live updates, levels 1-4

March 15, 2014

Follow levels 5-8 here.

Level 4: 4,000/8,000, 1,000 ante

4:10 p.m.: Break time. Players are now on their first 10-minute break of the day.

4:00 p.m.:Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im continues to dominate.

There was around 40,000 in the pot and the board read 9♣7♠3♣. Leonard Feinzaig checked from the small blind and Im bet 20,000 from the big. Feinzaig thought for a bit and then called, bringing a 2♠ on the turn.

Feinzaig took the initiative and bet 37,000. Im then moved all-in and Feinzaig quickly folded.

Im’s lead now increased to 620,000. Day 1D chip leader, Ruan Zhaojun, appears to be in second with 530,000 and Riha Jan is also near the tp with 470,000.

3:45 p.m.: Level 3 has been the deadliest so far. The the list of fallen in level 3 includes:

100th – Percy Yung (Hong Kong) – HKD $8,500
99th – Steven Mohammad (Malaysia) – HKD $8,500
98th – Ronny Tsz Shu Mak (Hong Kong) – HKD $8,500
97th – Fat Cheong Wong (Hong Kong) – HKD $8,500
96th – Ting Ting Du (China) – HKD $8,500
95th – Jiahua Liu (China) – HKD $8,500
94th – Kevin Yun Lam Choi (Hong Kong) – HKD $8,500
93rd – Chun Tat Lee (Hong Kong) – HKD $8,500
92nd – Justin Chan (Hong Kong) – HKD $8,500
91st – Sungwoon Park (Korea) – HKD $8,500
90th – Yue Cao (China) – HKD $9,000
89th – Lan Chen (China) – HKD $9,000
88th – Ziyang Zhao (China) – HKD $9,000
87th – Bin Li (China) – HKD $9,000
86th – Jianhua Zhang (China) – HKD $9,000
85th – Wiejun Lu (China) – HKD $9,000
84th – Czardy Rivera (Philippines) – HKD $9,000
83rd – Lei Ji (China) – HKD $9,000

Level 3: 3,000/6,000, 1,000 ante

3:30 p.m.: There’s been lots of three-way action.

South Africa’s Eben Lottering found himself all-in with ace-king against a pair of queens and a pair of jacks. The flip fell heavily in his favor as he it a king and an ace on the flop.

Lottering helped shrink the field and chipped up to 305,000 in the process.
One table over, Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im had a similar hand.

Im called an all-in, and then called a re-shove with ace-king. The first all-in player had ace-jack and the second tabled pocket queens.

There was an ace on the flop and an ace on the river and Im knocked out two players. The hand also put Im in the lead with 580,000.


Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im

3:20 p.m.: Terry Fan finally lost a hand.

After winning the previous hand with a button raise and a continuation bet, Fan raised to 13,000 from the cutoff. Henrik Tollefsen re-raised to 34,000 from the big blind and Fan thought for over a minute.

Then fan moved all-in and Tollefsen quickly called.

Fan: Q♠J♦
Tollefsen: A♥Q♣

The board came 4♣8♦K♦K♣2♦ and Tollefsen doubled up to around 350,000 while Fan dipped to about 320,000.

Level 2: 2,500/5,000 blinds, 500 ante

3:10 p.m.: We’re almost down to the double digits. The most recent eliminations include:

108th – Lung To (Hong Kong) – HKD $8,500
107th – Markus Garberg (Norway) – HKD $8,500
106th – Cheng Ho (Macau) – HKD $8,500
105th – Hung Chi Lin (Taiwan) – HKD $8,500
104th – Huaqing Luo (China) – HKD $8,500
103rd – Kiichi Kubo (Japan) – HKD $8,500
102nd – Franco Cultreri (Italy) – HKD $8,500
101st – Youhong Liu (China) – HKD $8,500

2:55 p.m.: Ruan Zhaojun raised to 13,000 from middle position and Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang called from the big blind.

The flop came K♠7♠3♣6♠4♥ and and Zhaojun led out for 14,000. Huang called and a 6♠ came on the turn. There was a round of checks and a 4♥ on the river. Players checked one more time and Zhaojun mucked when Huang turned over A♥10♣.


Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang

Huang is now up to about 200,000 and Zhaojun — who was the Day 1D chip leader — is in the top five with 490,000.

Team PokerStars Pro Vivian Im has also continued to rise and is now at 360,000.

2:45 p.m.: Level 1 is over and 108 players made it through. The most recent eliminations include:

114th – Tsung Han Lin (Taiwan) – HKD $8,000
113th – Shizeng Peng (China) – HKD $8,000
112th – Iori Yogo (Japan) – HKD $8,000
111th – Maria Bernadette Lina (Philippines) – HKD $8,000
110th – Lianyu Cheng (China) – HKD $8,500
109th – Chen Chin Wu (Taiwan) – HKD $8,500

Level 1: 2,000/4,000 blinds, 500 ante

2:35 p.m.: The board read A♠2♣Q♣10♠6♦ and Terry Fan — in early position — had a 50,000 bet in front of him.

There was about 85,000 in the pot and action was on the button. The button thought for over a minute before finally letting his hand go.

Fan’s lead continues to increase and he’s past 550,000.


Terry Fan

2:25 p.m.: We’ve had seven eliminations so far:

121st – Ronald Chun Long Yu (Hong Kong) – HKD $8,000
120th -Xuexi Zhu (China) – HKD $8,000
119th – Chyuan Seng Wee (Malaysia) – HKD $8,000
118th – Geng Liu (China) – HKD $8,000
117th – Stephen Ying Chi Wong (Hong Kong) – HKD $8,000
116th – Kristopher Keung Tong (USA) – HKD $8,000
115th – Jing Gao (China) – HKD $8,000

114 players remain.

2:15 p.m.: Terry Fan has taken over the lead with a staggering 480,000. Tai Tan has been bumped to second and sitting with 368,000.

Both Team PokerStars Pro are also hanging steady. Vivian Im has about 290,000 while Bryan Huang is clocking in at 190,000.

2:05 p.m.: After a small delay, players have been seated and cards are in the air. Team PokerStars Bryan Huang was a bit late but is now in the field and ready to play.


Tai Tan and the largest Day 1 stack

Tai Tan leads at the start with 364,500. The clock has been set to level 1 with 2,000/4,000 blinds and a 500 ante.


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