2014 Macau Millions: The final table

March 16, 2014

The final table is now underway. Here are the final 10 contenders

SEAT 1: Hongbing Li, 47 – Wu Bei, China [505,000]


Li is a 47-year old businessman who lists the stock market as his favorite hobby. His tournament highlight, and only cash, since learning poker 2.5 years ago was a 20th edition of the Macau Poker Cup.

This is Li’s first final table and will have his work cut out for him as he enters Sunday with the shortest stack

SEAT 2: Thomas Tsang, 29 – Hong Kong [1,215,000]


Thomas Tsang is a long way from home. Tsang works in IT back in Birmingham, UK and would like to give a shoutout to the Brum poker scene over there and another to his home game in Hong Kong.

This 29-year-old started playing home games five years ago and has since moved to online poker, where he plays low-stakes MTTs.

Making the final table here is Tsang’s biggest achievement in poker yet. He got to this point by using the same strategy he uses on line, grinding along and getting lucky.

It got him this far. We’ll see how far it gets him tomorrow.

SEAT 3: Sheng Chang, 38 – Beijing, China [2,855,000]

MacauMillions2014_MainEvent_Day2_057 (1).jpg

Chang is fairly new to poker but he’ll be in good company on the final table which has a high proportion of inexperienced players.

The 40-year old loves the social aspect of the game and hopes to turn that passion into a victory. Chang is a very close second in chips to start Sunday’s play.

SEAT 4: Kenneth Leong, 38 – Hong Kong, China S.A.R. [2,790,000]


‘Kenny’ Leong is probably best known as the Macau Poker Cup’s first ever Red Dragon main event champion. That was way back in 2008 when poker was in its infancy stage in Asia. That Red Dragon only had 33 players and netted him HK $126,700.

Last year, Leong finished runner-up in the APPT Macau Main Event career cash of nearly HK $1.4m. He enters the final table with the third largest chip stack in hopes of adding a second major title to his resume.

SEAT 5: Hao Chen, 27- China [2,910,000]


Hao Chen was one of the shortest stacks coming into Day 2 but chipped up throughout the day and finished in the lead.

Chen is a full-time poker player from China. Chen’s biggest inspiration was Team PokerStars Pro’s own Daniel Negreanu.

Then Chen’s friend took him to a poker game and he never looked back. Chen’s been playing for five years and now that he’s 27, he’s built his roll up and usually plays 50/100 HKD.

SEAT 6: Chia Wei Tsui, 32- Taiwan [1,365,000]


Chia Wei Tsui’s all about poker.

His hobbies outside of poker include poker and more poker. This 32-year-old from Taiwan works in the financial industry and has been playing the poker for five years.

Tsui enjoys travelling to Las Vegas to play poker but he considers his final table appearance here to be the highlight of his poker career.

SEAT 7: Ping Cheong Fung, 49 – Hong Kong, China S.A.R. [950,000]


Fung is a big football fan who has played poker for just three years and tells us he learned the game through PokerStars. While he has a couple of minor cashes, making his first final table in the Macau Millions is by far his career highlight.

His lifetime earnings is already assured of at least tripling but, clearly, the 49-year old is hoping to go much farther than that.

Seat 8: Lester Pinto, – Singapore [1,620,000]


Lester Pinto wants everyone to know he’s an aspiring poker player from singapore.

This 24-year-old has been playing poker for five years and has made multiple final tables at SIngapore’s Leisure World Poker Series.

Pinto’s come a long way since he started playing with friends. Now Pinto regularly plays 5/10 PLO and NLHE and has just added a Macau Millions final table to his resume.

SEAT 9: Miklos Viczena, 32 – Oroszlany, Hungary [570,000]


Viczena is an operations manager in the automotive industry who learned to play poker in university about eight years ago with his friends.

Although the 32-year old doesn’t have a significant win on his resume, he is certainly more familiar with the game than most of his competition on the final table.

Viczena will certainly need to draw on that experience with his short stack of just 570.

Seat 10: Chul Woo Jong, 29 – Korea [1,405,000]


This Seoul resident learned how to play poker 10 years ago with friends. But nothing in those 10 years has come close to what Jung has done today. Jung says this final table is the highlight of his poker career.

Jung is starting tomorrow fifth in chips and attributes a lot of to making a big call with just ace-high. This is already Jung’s biggest cash and he’ll see how far he can take it tomorrow


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