2015 ACOP Super High Roller: Andrejevic reigns supreme

November 15, 2015

Andy Andrejevic just took down the ACOP Super High Roller and a monumental HK$8,725,000 (~US$1,125,000)!

This HK$500,000 buy in event was expected to attract a swarm of sharks and it delivered with a notable field of 34 taking part. The tournament offered the choice of up to two rebuys at any time and after 17 were utilized the prize pool swelled to HK$24,235,200 (~$3,127,000).

Perhaps the sickest part of Andrejevic’s victory was the fact he satellited into the tournament here at PokerStars LIVE Macau for only HK$40,000 (~$5,100). He also never rebought or added on and managed to spin one bullet up to a massive return on his investment.

ACOP SHR champion Andy Andrejevic.jpg

It was a stacked final table of six but it only took two hours for three of them to fall by the wayside. Things would slow down at that point before Bryn Kenney was also met with elimination. His fateful hand saw Andrejevic raise from the button and Kenney move all in. Andrejevic snap called and Kenney saw he was dominated as the cards went on their backs.

Kenney: K♠J♦
Andrejevic: A♣K♦

The board came 2♠5♠6♣3♣10♣ with Kenney unable to improve. He finished in third place for HK$3,635,000 (~$469,000).

ACOP SHR actual 3rd place - Bryn Kenney.jpg

3rd place – Bryn Kenney
Andrejevic had more than a 3:1 chip lead going into heads up against opponent John Juanda and it would take only four hands to get the job done. The last hand of the tournament saw Juanda put his stack of around 3,500,000 in the middle and Andrejevic call to put him at risk.

Juanda: 4♣4♥
Andrejevic: A♠2♦

Juanda needed to fade an ace to double up and stay alive but the K♥A♦10♠ flop left him drawing thin. Down to only two outs neither would come as the K♠ turn and 3♣ river arrived to signal the end of Juanda, and victory for Andrejevic.

ACOP SHR 3rd place John Juanda.jpg

Runner up – John Juanda
ACOP Super High Roller Final Table Payout

1st: Andy Andrejevic (USA) – $8,725,000
2nd: John Juanda (USA) – $5,574,000
3rd: Bryn Kenney (USA) – $3,635,000
4th: Steve O’Dwyer (Ireland) – $2,666,000
5th: Anton Astapau (Belarus) – $1,939,000
6th: Erik Seidel (USA) – $1,696,200

All payouts in HK$

Congratulations to Andrejevic on an impressive showing this week!

That’s all from us now here from the ACOP in Macau. Thanks for joining us here at the PokerStars Blog! We hope you enjoyed our coverage.


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