2015 ACOP Super High Roller: Three fall, three fight on

November 15, 2015

Bang. Bang. Bang.

Just like that we’ve already lost half of the six final tablists in the first two hours here.

It was poker legend Erik Seidel who would hit the rail first this afternoon. Seidel shoved all in three hands in a row, and while the first two got through, the third saw him behind and at risk of elimination when Anton Astapau called from the big blind with a dominant hand.

Astapau: A♣10♦
Seidel: A♦7♠

Seidel was dead by the turn on the K♣8♥4♦10♥10♣ run out and would head to the cashier to collect HK$1,696,000 (~$219,000).

ACOP SHR 6th place - Erik Seidel.jpg

6th place – Erik Seidel
And following Seidel out the door was Belarusian Anton Astapau. His final hand saw Astapau open to 200,000 before Andy Andrejevic popped it up to 575,000. Astapau came back over the top for his whole 2,800,000 and Andrejevic didn’t hesitate to call.

Astapau: Q♠Q♦
Andrejevic: A♥K♦

They were flipping for the huge pot and Astapau jumped into the lead spiking top set on the Q♥J♦8♦ flop. Andrejevic needed a ten for Broadway and received immediate service on the 10♣ turn. Astapau was desperate for the board to pair but it wasn’t to be as the 5♥ completed the board to see him eliminated in fifth place.

ACOP SHR 5th place - Anton Astapau.jpg

5th place – Anton Astapau
Joining Seidel and Astapau on the rail was reigning champion Steve O’Dwyer. He was so close to going back to back but unfortunately for O’Dwyer he comes up three short today. The American had gotten short and moved in for his last 1,975,000 over an open from chip leader Andy Andrejevic. The latter called it off and players tabled their cards.

O’Dwyer: K♣Q♠
Andrejevic: A♣10♥

It was an interesting K♦Q♣J♣ flop with Andrejevic flopping the nuts and O’Dwyer chasing four outs to a full house. The 5♣ turn and the 8♥ river wouldn’t cooperate and O’Dwyer headed to the exit in fourth.

ACOP SHR 4th place - Steve O'Dwyer.jpg

4th place – Steve O’Dwyer
So now only three remain in the hunt. It’s Andrejevic with the substantial chip lead over Bryn Kenney and John Juanda. Here’s how their stacks look.

ACOP Super High Roller Final Three Chip Counts

Andy Andrejevic – 13,000,000
Bryn Kenney – 6,385,000
John Juanda – 6,230,000

At the moment the players have just stepped away for a 10-minute respite. Play will recommence momentarily as we play down to an ACOP Super High Roller Champion!


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