Andrey Shp tops TPL’s biggest field

February 01, 2011


1,203 players took part in this week’s league game, generating the largest prizepool of the season and a first place prize of $205.41. As per usual we had four players volunteer to be bounty players, but one of them failed to register in time we were left with just three. “rivermenow” (@zelljrc), “gypsy19790” (@gypsyparis) and “Gil3000” (@Gil300poker) all had 300FPP prizes on their heads for whoever managed to knock them out.

All of this week’s bounties lasted long into the field; in fact they all made the money which we believe is a first in the Twitter Poker League. “gypsy19790” was the first of the bounty players to fall in 142nd place, eliminated by none other than this week’s winner “Andrey Shp”. Next to go was “rivermenow” in 121st place, stacked by Season 5 week 1 winner “widush”. This left “Gil3000” as our final bounty player and his price was increased to 500FPP, usually this means more people are calling trying to claim the knockout. Clearly this seemed to work in favour of “Gil3000” as we soon found him at the final table!

Despite having more players than usual this week the final table was reached quicker than expected, under 5 hours into the game we had the final 9. Very quickly “DucksPoker” was out in 9th place, for $12.99, and when “Andrey Shp” min-raised from the small blind with Q♥J♥ and “Gil3000” shoved over with A♣J♠ running hearts bringing a board of 7♠2♠4♥ 7♥ K♥ gave “Andrey Shp” a flush and the last of our bounty players finished in 8th place. 7th place finisher “ktire1982” picked up $35.58 for their efforts, soon after that “Spd Gonzales” made a bold move shoving his open ended straight draw on the flop with KQ called but “Andrey Shp” who won with AK when the river brought a Queen, making him the nuts and busting yet another player.

With 5 players remaining, “Andrey Shp” had a commanding chip lead and he used it to bully the table. “Kelverv” pushed with A♣4♦ as a short stack only to run into pocket aces on his immediate left, and he finished in 5th. “Ksp1877” was the next to go, in 4th and when “neuveske” went all in with 4♥4♦ from the small blind and was called wide by Q♠9♣ in the hands of the chip leader “Andrey Shp” after the board ran out A♣2♦7♦ 7♥ Q♣ we were heads up. The one on one battle was over very quickly, lasting only 14 hands in total. “Andrey Shp” did lose the chip lead at one point, but then the key hand of the match changed everything once again, below:


“gapun500” couldn’t recover after this and finished in 2nd for a respectable $150.37, “Andrey Shp” took the win, $205.41 and 800FPP in total from the two bounty eliminations! 20 leaderboard points were also awarded to him, putting him in tied 7th place with “Marjamma” and “Sharoun”. “KozhevnikovR” is still at the top of the leaderboard with 27 points in total. There are 4 more tournaments left in this season, so there is plenty of play left.

We also awarded a 150FPP prize this week to “rivermenow” (@zelljrc) for the most entertaining tweet, it wasn’t easy to pick one as there were a fair few great ones. However, in the end our favourite was:
@zelljrc: “Very nice prize pool for #tpoker today. I used all my #runbad this morning in my cash games. Time to average that out!”

Other notables included:

@jaydee_97: “Stupidly forgot to go to the loo during the #tpoker break, so there is some sense of urgency in my playing at the moment!”
@gypsyparis: “Just got put out of the #tpoker Twitter game in 142nd place out of 1,203 by a Russian. So they get the World Cup, and they want my chips too?”

We will be awarding the same 150FPP prize again next week so make sure to use the #tpoker hashtag when tweeting. With just a $1.10 buy-in, FPP bounties, league leaderboard prizes and a friendly community both at the tables and on twitter – there is something for everyone. Come and join in the action. Next Sunday’s game is already open for registration, tourney ID: 358316931


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