ANZPT Perth Final Table: Level 26 (blinds 30,000-60,000, ante 10,000)

May 06, 2012

9:50pm: Anthony Marenko eliminated in 2nd place; Mat Carlsson wins!

It’s all over as Mat Carlsson has been crowned the ANZPT Perth Main Event champion.
It was a scramble to get to the table, but we believe that Anthony Marenko limped the button, Carlsson raised another 150,000 on top before Marenko moved all in. Carlsson immediately called and leapt to his feet as the cards were tabled.

Carlsson: 7♠7♣
Marenko: K♠2♦

The flop paired Marenko but that’s as good as it got as the final board ran out 2♣3♠3♣10♣6♣. Carlsson ended up with a flush that was good to rake in the chips and claim the ANZPT Perth title!

Marenko takes home $49,600 for a great tournament, while Carlsson pockets the trophy, a novelty cheque and $78,275 in prize money.

That wraps up our live coverage, but we’ll be back with a wrap of today’s play for you shortly.


Anthony Marenko eliminated in 2nd place

9:45pm: Carlsson calls him down

There’s a large crowd here for this heads-up battle with the railbird three deep around the entire final table area. It’s providing a great atmosphere, although our access to the table is being squeezed by the minute.

We barrelled through the crowd to catch the action developing on a board of Q♦A♥10♥8♥. Mat Carlsson checked, and then called a bet of 225,000 before the 10♣ paired the board on the river.

Carlsson checked and Anthony Marenko bet 400,000. Carlsson thought for a few minutes before making the call. Marenko tabled K♣2♣ for just king-high as Carlsson’s Q♠7♦ pair of queens was enough to take it down.

Moments later Carlsson won another nice pot with a dominant king to move up to 4.3 million to Marenko’s 1.1 million.

9:30pm: Marenko fighting back

With a raise to 150,000 from Anthony Marenko on the button, Mat Carlsson made the call to take a 4♠A♥5♥. Then things got busy.

Carlsson checked, Marenko bet 160,000, Carlsson check-raised to 380,000 but Marenko came back with a re-raise to 780,000. Carlsson gave it up as Marenko fights his way back to two million, with Carlsson in front with 3.4 million.

9:20pm: Carlsson back in front

We’ve just seen the biggest pot of the tournament with the swing going the way of Mat Carlsson.

Carlsson raised the button and Anthony Marenko called from the big blind to see a flop of 3♦Q♦4♠. Marenko led out with a bet of 325,000 but Carlsson quickly announced himself all in. Marenko didn’t waste time in calling as the title was up for grabs!

Marenko: Q♣5♦
Carlsson: Q♠3♥

Carlsson had flopped two pair as Marenko also held top pair. The 2♠ on the turn brought an open-ended straight draw, but the river blanked the 9♠. Marenko is now behind for the first time in this heads-up match, slipping to 1.6 million, as Carlsson is in front with 3.8 million.


Mat Carlsson now has one eye on the trophy

9:15pm: Play resumes

Our two players are back in action with the chip counts as follows:

Anthony Marenko – 4,040,000
Mat Carlsson – 1,455,000


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