ANZPT6 Perth Day 3: Bubble is sour for Honeyman

March 01, 2014

Bubbles are never fun to play, but they are certainly fun to watch. The cat and mouse games played by the short stacks. The bully tactics of the chip leaders. And the survival game of everyone in between. There’s no doubt there are slow period when watching a poker tournament, but the bubble is certainly not one of them.

Today’s ANZPT Perth bubble was short and sweet. There were a few shorts stacks keeping a close eye on one another, but none more so that Dean Blatt. In between hands, Blatt was constantly out of his seat and wandering past the other tables to see exactly what his opponents were up to.


Blatt was understandably nervous. You see, Blatt was our bubble boy at the recent ANZPT in Auckland so he knows exactly what it feels like to miss the money by one place. While Blatt wanted desperately to min-cash, we were secretly hoping for the opportunity to use the headline “Back-to-back Blatt Splatts”. Blatt flirted with the short stacks, but a couple of effective all-in shoves helped him keep his head above water.

Then it looked like Vesko Zmukic was going to be the one to fall short.


The likeable local was all in with pocket threes against Aaron Lim’s J♣10♣. A ten hit the flop and Zmukic was up and out of his chair in anticipation of his impending doom. But before Zmukic could go too far, a spectacular three appeared on the turn to give Zmukic a new lease of life.

In the end the bubble would burst on online young gun Dylan Honeyman.

Known as “WhiteRabbito” online, Honeyman has crushed the online poker world for years, but his first ANZPT cash result has eluded him by the narrowest of margins.

Honeyman three-bet shoved his pocket sixes but Scott Davies made the call with pocket jacks. The board ran out 9♦7♦2♣4♦K♦ and with both players holding a diamond, the pot was pushed to Davies. Honeyman heads home empty-handed as the remaining 27 players are excited to now be safely in the money and guaranteed at least $4,100 in prize money.

Heath “TassieDevil” Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.


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