ANZPT6 Perth: Murray’s million leads final table

March 01, 2014

A rather dramatic bluff by one-time chip leader Stephen Woodhead has backfired and brought Day 3 of the ANZPT Perth Main Event play to a sudden end. Woodhead was looking at a big pot on a board of 2♣6♠8♣9♠10♠ as he moved all in with J♣K♥ for just king-high, hoping to take down the pot uncontested. It almost worked, as Paul Murray thought long and hard, but he eventually made the call with A♣7♥ for a straight to eliminate Woodhead in 10th place.


The road to the final table was rather brisk following the dinner break with fifteen turned to nine in a little over an hour of play.

Markus Garberg got caught stealing before Richard Larkin ran into pocket aces. Stev Lackovic lost a race to be unlucky 13th place and our last woman standing Tamara Volkoff ended her run in 12th. The rapid eliminations continued with Ricky Kroesen three-bet jamming into a dominant ace to fall in 11th before Woodhead’s bluff rounded out our official final table.

Here’s how they will line up tomorrow:

Seat 1: Paul Murray (Australia) – 1,206,000
Seat 2: Scott Davies (USA) – 767,000
Seat 3: Sal Fazzino (Australia) – 495,000
Seat 4: Patrick Mahoney (USA) – 891,000
Seat 5: Justin Walch (Australia) – 202,000
Seat 6: Vesko Zmukic (Australia) – 253,000
Seat 7: Brian McAllister (Australia) – 616,000
Seat 8: Dean Blatt (Australia) – 219,000
Seat 9: Matthew Rolfe (Australia) – 249,000

Earlier in the day, our 48 surviving players were always going to be walking a fine line between success and failure. Nearly half of them would be sent home empty-handed for their efforts in Perth as the top 27 players would finish in the money.

Sam Russell-Anderson, Bernard Beh, Tristan Bain, Matt Lester were some of those to fall short of the money but the biggest pain would fall upon Dylan Honeyman. Known as “WhiteRabbito” online, Honeyman missed out on his first ANZPT cash after jamming pocket sixes into pocket jacks to be bundled out on the bubble in 28th place.

There were a few lulls along the way, especially with three tables remaining, as the players were picking their spots wisely, but eventually we found ourselves with a final nine.

Scott Davies was one of the big stacks, while Patrick Mahoney made a late surge, but in the end, it was the pink cap of Paul Murray who would capture the end-of-day chip lead after picking off the bluff of Stephen Woodhead.


Murray will lead the final nine into battle on Sunday with the cards in the air at 2:10pm (GMT+8). There are some very talented players looking for their first taste of success, so it should produce an exciting conclusion to this event. Join us again tomorrow as we gogo all the way until our champion is crowned.

Heath “TassieDevil” Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.


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