ANZPT6 Sydney Day 1B: …and that’s lunch!

March 21, 2014

We’re now at the half way mark of the day here at the ANZPT Sydney Main Event. How do we know it’s half way? Well, we’ve just taken an unprecedented 30-minute lunch break.

“Lunch break? What is this? Cricket?” exclaimed avid cricket fan Joshua Bell as he staggered towards the bar and demanded another scotch*.

It is unusual to say the least. It’s also 4:40pm. Not exactly your traditional lunch time. I’m Tasmanian, so where I come from, they have lunch at 11:30am, dinner by 5:00pm and are in bed by 7:00pm.

But poker players are a different breed. They operate on a different clock. Time is largely irrelevant. In fact, time zones are only important when players need to figure out what time the Sunday Million starts.

Life inside the casino is a different world to that outside our walls. Players eat when they are hungry. They drink coffee whenever they feel like it. If the game is good, they keep playing. It doesn’t matter if it’s morning, noon or night. Poker players roll as they please, when they please.


So does that mean a 30-minute lunch break is required in an eight-level day? Probably not when there’s a perfectly good food court right next to the poker area.

Does it matter? Probably not. Unless you wanted to get to the player’s party on time.

Either way, the players don’t seem to mind. There’s plenty of great dining options here at The Star and the food court area in the hotel lobby has some seriously good food at pretty reasonable prices. And if anyone wants to thank the blogging team for their hard work then we accept bribes in the form of Adriano Zumbo macaroons.


* Not true. It may have been bourbon**.

** Also not true. He doesn’t drink before lunch time.

Heath “TassieDevil” Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.


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