ANZPT6 Sydney Day 3: By the numbers

March 23, 2014

Day 3 of the ANZPT Sydney is about to kick off at The Star in Sydney with a big day ahead expected. Rather than give you the usual intro spiel, instead here’s some fast and fun numbers about our remaining players in the ANZPT Sydney Main Event.

37 – That’s the number of players remaining.

9 – The number of players that will survive today.

755,000 – Alex Lee’s chip stack. He’s our chip leader as play kicks off.

58,000 – Phillip Dong’s chip stack. He’s our short stack with just under ten big blinds.

4 – There are four female players still in contention (Katie Sekhas, Tanja Vujanic, Eva Docekalova and Swaran Chand). If that percentage holds true we should hopefully see one of them reach the final table.

1 – The number of Australian Poker Hall of Famers remaining in the field. That honour goes to Mel Judah.

6 – There are six players in the field who have reached an ANZPT/APPT final table previously – Alex Lee, Jazz Mathers, Daniel Neilson, Peco Stojanovski, Anthony Aston and Jie Gao.

5 – The number of ANZPT/APPT cashes already on the poker resume of Daniel Neilson.


0 – The number of former ANZPT/APPT champions in the field. That’s pretty rare for this stage of the event, so it looks like we’ll be crowning ourselves a new champion.

1 – This is the first ANZPT cash result for Oliver Gill.

23 – That’s the ranking of Jie Gao in the ANZ Player of the Year. He’s the highest ranked player of those still in contention today.

3 – The number of runs Danny McDonagh went for yesterday.

2 – There are two Aussie Millions gold ring winners in the field – Mel Judah and Edison Nguyen.

1,373 – That’s the number of unique players who have participated on the ANZPT this season. With two big events to go this season, it’s likely we’ll push the last year’s record of 1,955 players.

24 – The number of players left in the field who I can’t recall ever seeing at a tournament before. It’s an unusually high percentage, which is great to see so many fresh faces making a deep run.

14 – The number of times Mile Krstanoski has broken the local rules this series.

217 – The number of tournament cash results on the poker resume of Mel Judah.


10,480 – The amount of words that Oliver Gill has already spouted this morning to no one in particular.

6 – The number of levels we think will need to be played before we reach our final table.

Stick around as we bring you more numbers and a few words as Day 3 of the ANZPT Sydney Main Event is now under way!

Heath “TassieDevil” Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.


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