ANZPT6 Sydney Day 3: Girls on the rail

March 23, 2014

Day 3 of play has started out fast and furious. It was largely to be expected and we anticipate things will settle down as we get closer to the elusive ANZPT final table.

What wasn’t expected was that we would lose all four of our female players within the first 90 minutes of play. It’s true that Katie Sekhas, Tanja Vujanic, Eva Docekalova and Swaran Chand were all relatively short-stacked when the day got under way, but with women representing more than 10% of the field at the start of the day, we were hoping those percentages might hold true so that we would see a lady on our final table.

Sadly all four have fallen to the rail.

First to depart was Tanja Vujanic. She was all in preflop with A♦K♣ against Milan Gurung’s 9♣9♠. Vujanic picked up a straight draw on the flop but couldn’t connect with anything on board to see her depart in 34th place for $4,600.


This is Vujanic’s first cash on the ANZPT but she did win two side events at the recent ANZPT Perth series, so she’s definitely a player to watch in future.

Katie Sekhas is another who was impressive in this Main Event. It’s the first time we’ve seen Sekhas on the tour, and she put in a great run, especially when you consider the brutal bad beat she copped towards the end of day one when her flopped set was gunned down by the runner-runner of Reza Vakili. If she won that pot, she would’ve been one of the chip leaders.

Sekhas found a double up early today, but was unable to sustain the momentum as she fell in 30th place.

Swaran Chand was another entertaining player to watch. She seemed to be always laughing and chatting with her tablemates and genuinely enjoying her time on the tables. Her tournament came to a rather dramatic end when she was all in with ace-ten against pocket kings. An ace on the turn was what Chand wanted to see but no sooner did she start celebrating, a king landed on the river to end her run in 26th place, which got the pay jump to $5,100.

As Chand was bundled out, Eva Docekalova was also eliminated on a simultaneous hand on the adjacent table. Docekalova’s last chips were in the middle preflop with K♦J♥ against the pocket sevens of Nathan Glase. Docekalova needed some help but it didn’t arrive on the board of 9♥3♦8♥3♠4♦ as she was eliminated in 25th place.

That leaves us with a lot of testosterone in our final 24 players as we now have no female players left in the field. Still, it was great to see so many ladies do so well. The girls seem to have a liking for Sydney with this event still holding the record for the best female result on the ANZPT. That came at the inaugural event in 2009 when Lisa Walsh picked up $162,690 for her runner-up result.


We’re still yet to see a female champion on the ANZPT but maybe that will change in the near future.

Heath “TassieDevil” Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.


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