ANZPT6 Sydney Final Table: Capitao Conquered

March 24, 2014

No doubt that Oliver Gill is a polarizing figure in the Australian poker community. He’s outspoken about most topics and likes to tell people the way he sees it. Even if those people aren’t actually listening. Some like his honest approach, but for some, it rubs them the wrong way. Gill knows that and accepts that you can’t please everyone.


As a poker reporter, it’s great to have players like Gill in the game. He’s a constant source of entertaining quotes and information, and he doesn’t mind us poking some fun at his expense every now and then.

We’ve have some fun with a few different nicknames for Gill this tournament, but he said he wasn’t impressed with any of our attempts. It’s seems that the nickname “Capitao” has stuck for good. Apparently the name originated from when Gill was playing a Brazilian player online on PokerStars and, once defeated, Gill’s opponent called him the “Capitao” in the chat box, simply meaning “Captain” in Portuguese.

The Capitao gimmick got him significant airtime on the WSOP televised coverage, but it’s yet to land him a major live tournament victory. He was hoping that his time would come at the ANZPT Sydney Main Event, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be.


Gill lost a big chunk of chips on a board of J♠7♠J♦9♦10♦ when he called three barrels from Peco Stojanovski who showed down pocket tens for a full house. Gill claimed he held jack-eight for a straight and exclaimed, “I literally win with every other river card in the deck.”

On the short stack, Gill jammed from the small blind with queen-ten but again Stojanovski found big cards with his pocket jacks holding true on a board of 8♣A♥5♦7♥2♠.

With that, the table got a little quieter and we have a little less to write about. Gill is out in sixth place for $38,900 as just five players remain, and we’re not even at the first break of the day! It’s mostly thanks to Peco Stojanovski who has been on a massive heater so far. He’s up to 4.7 million in chips for over half the chips in play.

Heath “TassieDevil” Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.


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