ANZPT6 Sydney: Josh Redhouse wins it for the home game

March 24, 2014

The final hand of the ANZPT Sydney Main Event has been dealt and your champion is Josh Redhouse! He’s defeated Peco Stojanovski heads-up to claim the trophy, a giant novelty cheque and $133,360 in prize money.

However before these two duked it out, they first disposed of Steven Zhou who was a major threat at this final table. In the end, it took a bit of luck to do the damage.

Zhou was all in preflop with A♠J♥ against Peco Stojanovski’s A♣4♣. The two were pretty even in chips, so if Zhou’s dominant hand held true then he would be right back in contention for the title. However the cards fell against him when the board ran out Q♣4♥8♦Q♥2♣. Zhou was out in third place to leave Stojanovski and Redhouse to go at it.

Redhouse had a small lead when heads-up play commenced with around 5.4 million to Stojanovski’s 3.7 million, but Redhouse was able to gradually grind down his opponent with aggression to increase his lead until the final hand was dealt.

With a stack of around 1.4 million, and the blinds at 40,000/80,000/10,000, Stojanovski moved all in with A♦6♠. Redhouse squeezed his hole cards, found 8♦8♣ and excitedly called.

The board ran out 7♣4♦9♥7♠Q♠ and it was all over! Peco Stojanovski takes home the lion’s share of $155,000 as the ANZPT Sydney title went to Josh Redhouse.


Earlier in the day, our final nine all shared the same dream of fame and fortune but it would take just two hands to lose our first player from the final table.

Brent Taunton pushed his nut flush draw into Peco Stojanovski’s flopped top two pair to be bundled out in ninth place. Overnight short stack Milan Gurung fell in eighth place and he was soon followed by Nathan Sawyers. Once again it was Stojanovski who was the destroyer as Sawyers four-bet jammed his ace-jack into Stojanovski’s pocket queens.


Everything was going the way of “Peco the Magician” (pictured above), and not even the power of the “Capitao” could halt the momentum. Oliver Gill’s online experience allowed him to make a fine run in this event while seemingly eternally grinding a short stack. Gill lost a significant pot holding a straight on a board of J♠7♠J♦9♦10♦ as Peco Stojanovski rivered a full house with pocket tens.

Gill was again short and moved all in with queen-ten, but once again Stojanovski found a big pair with pocket jacks to eliminate Gill in sixth place.


Youngster Rory Young was next to go, as he was bitterly disappointed to see good friend Jazz Mathers call his all-in shove with pocket tens. Young held ace-king and when no help arrived, Young was crippled. Young was out next hand in fifth place and will now realise that there are simply no friends at a poker table.

The four remaining players decided to take a look at a potential deal, and it would take two lots of negotiations before a deal was struck leaving $17,360 and the trophy in the middle to play for.

With the deal locked away, and all four remaining players guaranteed at least six figures, the players ordered another round of drinks and got down to business.

Overnight chip leader Jazz Mathers hung around long enough to lock up a nice pay day, but in reality, not a lot went right for the man with the coolest name in poker.


Mathers hit some rocky moments against Steven Zhou, and in one hand the pot was even added to the stack of Zhou after Mathers had tabled the winning hand! It was just that kind of day for Jazz. His final stand came with K♠10♠ but again Zhou had his measure with A♠K♣ to see Mathers pick up a post-deal sum of $105,000 for fourth place.

Zhou could progress no further than third place, and as already mentioned, it was left to Josh Redhouse to eliminate Peco Stojanovski to claim the title. Redhouse only played this event thanks to his regular home game. A group of friends decided it would be a neat idea to play a league over eight weeks, putting some money aside each week for an entry into the ANZPT Sydney Main Event. Whoever won the league would then play the Main Event for half of their action, with the other half shared among the other home game players. Redhouse was the winner of the league, and it’s understandable why he had so many happy railbirds today, as they will now all share the spoils of his success! Congratulations Josh (and co) and we perhaps we’ll see more of the home game crew jump into the deep end next time around!

Final Table Results
1st Josh Redhouse – $133,360*
2nd Peco Stojanovski – $155,000*
3rd Steven Zhou – $120,000*
4th Jazz Mathers – $105,000*
5th Rory Young – $48,000
6th Oliver Gill – $38,900
7th Nathan Sawyers – $29,750
8th Milan Gurung – $23,350
9th Brent Taunton – $17,400

* denotes four-handed private deal


Thanks for following our coverage throughout the week from the ANZPT Sydney Main Event. The next event on the regional calendar comes to you from the APPT Seoul event which runs from April 1 – 6, 2014 at the Paradise Walkerhill Casino in Seoul, South Korea. Once again, we’ll have live updates of all the action right here on the PokerStars Blog. Until then, it’s good night from Sydney!


Heath “TassieDevil” Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.


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