ANZPT7 Sydney Day 3: Good news, bad news

March 21, 2015

We have some good news and bad news.

For our 54 remaining players in the ANZPT Sydney Main Event, they start Day 3 comforted in the knowledge that they are safely in the money. That’s $3,650 in cash safely secured in their back pocket. No matter what bad beats are inflicted today, no one can take that away from them.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that only nine of our players will make it through the day to have a shot at the ANZPT Sydney trophy and top prize of $225,000. That means that 45 players are going to experience that unpleasant taste of defeat today.


After last night’s bubble was popped on the final hand of the evening, it means we could be in for some fireworks early on Day 3. Safe in the knowledge that they have locked up a profit, we expect the short stacks to come out swinging today. Double up or die trying will be their motto as they take the opportunity to gamble it up to make a run at the final table.

One man who won’t have to worry about taking any early risks is our overnight chip leader Min Jae Park.


Park effervescent character who will make great entertainment if he reaches the final table. However there are some excellent players still in contention including online crusher Dominic Coombe, Canadian sensation Xuan Liu, Aussie Millions final tablist James Rann and former ANZPT champions Octavian Voegele and Michael Kanaan.

ANZPT Sydney Top Ten Chip Counts
Min Jae Park – 421,500
Guangqi Zhang – 401,000
Michael Kanaan – 350,500
Panayotis Flourentzou – 332,000
Dominic Coombe – 299,500
Josh Trott – 295,500
Ben Cox – 279,500
Denis Sekuloski – 277,500
Manu Austin – 276,000
Li-ta Hsu – 243,000

The players have now unbagged their chips and settled into their new homes for the afternoon. Head to the live reporting section of the blog for live updates throughout the day as we head towards the ANZPT Sydney final table.


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