ANZPT7 Sydney Day 3: The Toothpick

March 22, 2015

There’s one player on the Australian poker scene whose name I refuse to type. Only one. And he’s still alive with just 17 players remaining ANZPT Sydney Main Event.

It’s not that I don’t like the guy. And I do sometime copy and paste. But the fact is the poker persona of the man known only as “Toothpick” is arguably bigger than number of letters in his surname.


Antonis Kambouroglou is part of the furniture here in The Star Poker Room. With results dating back to 2007, he has over US$570,000 in tournament earnings across all sorts of poker disciplines – Holdem, Pot Limit Omaha and even an Aussie Millions gold ring in Two-Card Manila. Kambouroglou is known for being a tough, uncompromising player who is extremely difficult to dislodge from the table. If you get Kambouroglou’s chips, you’ll know you’ve been in a dog fight.

However there’s one thing that defines Kambouroglou even more than his results.

The toothpick.


If you asked random poker players who “Antonis Kambouroglou” is, they would probably raise an eyebrow in confusion, but ask them if they know who the “Toothpick” is and chances are they have heard of the man known as “Toothpick Tony”.

Toothpick Tony is almost a cult hero in this country. At one point, many of the regulars on the ANZPT tour would all use toothpicks at the table in an attempt to tongue-in-cheek honour or emulate their hero. Perhaps looking for a little toothpick run good.

But there is only one toothpick that has lasted the test of time. I can’t confirm if it’s the same toothpick he’s been using ever since 2007, nor do I know if he continues to use the toothpick when he’s relaxing on the couch, doing the laundry or sleeping (I’m guessing yes). But I do know, that every single time I’ve seen him at the poker table, without fail, he’s had a toothpick hanging out the side of his mouth.

Toothpick Tony is a force to be reckoned with and we would love nothing more than to see him reach the ANZPT Sydney final table and make a run at the title.


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