ANZPT7 Sydney: Psaros reigns supreme

March 23, 2015

Our ANZPT champion has been crowned with Jim Psaros overcoming Emanuel “Curly” Seal to win the trophy and top prize of $183,000.

The prize was adjusted after two separate deals. The first would come during three-handed play between Denis Sekuloski, Emanuel Seal and Jim Psaros. They quickly agreed to terms to flatten the payout structure which ended up working out pretty well for Sekuloski who received an extra $10,000 from the original payouts when he was bounced out in third place.

Sekuloski had splashed around with all sorts of hands during the final table, so it was rather unfortunate for him that a monster hand like K♠K♥ would lead to his demise. He decided to see a cheap flop of 4♦2♣7♠ in the blinds with Emanuel Seal, and the action flared up on the 8♦ turn with Sekuloski betting, Seal raising and Sekuloski moving all in. Seal snapped it off with 2♥2♦ for a set of deuces to leave Sekuloski’s kings crushed. The river 9♣ was no help and he was eliminated in third place for $90,000.

Jim Psaros would take a small lead into what turned out to be an entertaining heads-up battle.


The chips went back and forth on a number of occasions and when the chips evened up once again, the two decided to an even chop at $175,000 apiece, leaving $8,000 and the title in the middle to play for.

With the blinds ticking up, Seal was the one under pressure before the final hand was dealt.

Psaros limped the button and Seal checked his option to a flop of J♥Q♥Q♣. Without much warning, Seal announced himself all in for 1.7 million into a pot of 400,000. It was enough to confuse Psaros who threw his head back and asked for a count. Eventually he made the call with K♥5♥ which is not what Seal wanted to see with his 8♥4♥.

It was hearts all around as Seal found himself needing to pair up to stay alive. The turn was the 2♠ and river the 5♣ to end the brave run of “Curly” in second place and crown Jim Psaros as our champion!


Earlier in the day, the final table started out at breakneck speeds with two eliminations in the first thirty minutes and four in the first hour of play.

Chung Liew was unable to improve on his overnight four big blind stack as he was first to go, and he was followed by Shaneel Chand who lost a race with pocket deuces against Zhi Hong Ma’s ace-jack.

The title once again eluded Tom Rafferty at his fourth major final table here in Sydney as he could progress no further than seventh place when his Q♥10♦ couldn’t improve against pocket fours.


Zhi Hong Ma was next to go when his A♠K♠ received no help against the pocket queens of Denis Sekuloski as suddenly we were down to our final five players.

It was here that play steadied a little with the stacks catching up to the rising blinds. The chips were moved around the table with each player having moments towards the top of the counts.

Taiwan’s Li-ta Hsu was certainly one who was looking dangerous when he accumulated a big stack, but a cooler of a flop saw he and Emanuel Seal both flop two pair. Unfortunately for Hsu, his sixes and threes were outmatched by Seal’s queens and sixes. Hsu was left on the edge and Jim Psaros finished the job moments later when Hsu shoved his ace-jack right into Psaros’ pocket aces.

Seal continued to surge when he found pocket jacks in the big blind and made the call against the all-in shove of Murray Roach who tabled A♠8♠. The board bricked out and Roach had to be content with fourth as Seal carried the lead into three-handed play.


However it would be Jim Psaros who picked his spots well and had the right amount of aggression to get past the unpredictable Denis Sekuloski and the stubborn resistance of Emanuel Seal to claim the trophy and top prize of $183,000.

ANZPT Sydney Final Table Results
1st Jim Psaros (Australia) – $183,000**
2nd Emanuel Seal (Australia) – $175,000**
3rd Denis Sekuloski (Australia) – $90,000*
4th Murray Roach (Australia) – $62,000
5th Li-ta Hsu (Taiwan) – $48,000
6th Zhi Hong Ma (Australia) – $38,750
7th Tom Rafferty (Australia) – $29,750
8th Shaneel Chand (Australia) – $23,000
9th Chung Liew (Australia) – $17,000

* denotes three-handed deal
** denotes additional heads-up deal


Full prize pool payouts can be found in the live reporting section of the blog.

Thanks for following our final table coverage today and throughout the week from the ANZPT in Sydney. The next event on the ANZPT comes to you from Crown Melbourne with the ANZPT Melbourne running from October 8-20, 2015. Qualify for the $2,300 Main Event now on PokerStars!


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