APPT 9 Manila: Warm-Up Final Day Updates

August 02, 2015

Warm-Up Day 2The APPT 9 Manila Warm-Up event concluded with Malaysian player Alex Lee bagging all the chips after eliminating Edmil Marcelo at the heads up round. Read up here on all the action at the final table, including some of the highlights of day 2. The Warm-up event generated 570 entries and a pot that grew to nearly PHP5M, for a very lively start to the APPT 9 Manila.

1:50am: Alex Lee wins the Warm-Up event

Alex Lee came into the heads up round with a massive stack against Ed Marcelo and never looked back. Lee bagged the first place cash prize of PHP1,082,200 and the tournament trophy. Congratulations to Alex Lee!!

1:50am: Marcelo finishes in second place

Ed Marcelo could not knock down any of Alex Lee’s towering stacks and had to settle for second place. At the final hand of the event, Lee went all in and Marcelo called with his remaining short stack. Lee had Q♣8♠ and Marcelo had 6♣5♣. With the board running A♦2♣3♠Q♥2♠, Marcelo was eliminated and the event was over. Marcelo earned PHP671,800 for his deep finish.

1:40am: Marcelo claims a small pot

After losing quite a number of pots against Alex Lee, Ed Marcelo claimed a small one when he raised all in on Lee’s bet with a board of 2♠10♠4♠. Lee folded and Marcelo showed his 3♠8♠ flush.

1:40am: Level 27 60K/120K Ante 20K

Blinds are up. Alex Lee has a dominating chip lead with 4M while Ed Marcelo has 1.7M. Lee has been consistently grinding down Marcelo.

1:10am: Back and forth

Both players are going back and forth exchanging chips. Lee is up in the count, grinding in more chips than Marcelo.

1:00am: Marcelo’s bottom pair is good

Despite losing numerous pots to Alex Lee, Ed Marcelo is taking his time looking for spots to earn more chips. In a recent hand, Marcelo called a min raise to 200K and saw a flop land 5♣Q♥J♠. Lee bet 235K and Marcelo called. At the turn of 6♣ and river of 7♣, both players checked and Marcelo won with his 2♥5♦ bottom pair.

12:50am: Lee on the move

After taking a short break, Alex Lee has switched it up and is now taking pot after pot away from Ed Marcelo. Lee won six consecutive pots with raises and continuation bets. He is well in the lead with almost a 2:1 chip advantage.

12:40am: Lee takes some back

After losing a couple of pots to Ed Marcelo, Alex Lee retaliates and takes some back. In one hand, Marcelo raised double t0 160K, Lee re-raised to 375K, and Marcelo folded.

12:35am: Marcelo chipping up

Ed Marcelo has claimed more chips from Alex Lee. He won a 340K pot, then followed it up with a 410K pot.

12:20am: Marcelo raises for the pot

Alex Lee limped in at the second hand of the heads up round and Ed Marcelo raised to 200K. Lee called and the dealer felted 6♣5♠10♥. Both players checked to the turn of 10♦ and Lee bet 230K. Marcelo answered back with a raise to 560K and Lee folded.

12:15am: Heads up between Alex Lee and Ed Marcelo

We are now at the heads up round between Alex Lee and Ed Marcelo. Lee has 4M chips while Marcelo has 1.7M chips.

12:15am: Yen Han Chen eliminated in 3rd place

Yen Han Chen may have doubled up but holding on to them didn’t last when he was all in against Alex Lee. Chen had 6♣6♥ and Lee had A♠6♠. With the board landing 3♥5♦8♣A♦8♥, Lee had the better pair and eliminated Chen in 3rd place. Chen earned PHP415,500 for his finish.

12:10am: Level 25 40K/80K Ante 10K

Blinds are up. Three players left.

12:05pm: Chen bags another double up

With three players remaining, Yen Han Chen moved all in with 490K and was snap-called by chip leader Ed Marcelo. Chen had Q♦10♠ and Marcelo had 6♠6♦. This was a similar hand as when Marcelo railed Baterina. The end result would be different however when the board ran 9♥5♠J♠K♣8♣ giving Chen a straight and a double up. Chen now has over 1M chips.

12:00am: Peter Ronn Baterina leaves in 4th place

Peter Ronn Baterina had a great run at the felt but was stopped short in his tracks by Ed Marcelo. In a battle of the blinds, Marcelo limped in and Baterina moved all in. Marcelo called and it was a showdown. Baterina had Q♣10♦ and Marcelo had 8♦8♥. The board ran A♥J♦A♠6♦A♣ giving Marcelo a full house. Baterina exits in 4th place and earned PHP317,000 for his finish.

11:50pm: Marcelo claims another sizable pot

Ed Marcelo is taking silent control of the final four. During this hand he limped in the small blind and Peter Ronn Baterina checked. At the flop of 6♠3♦6♥, Marcelo checked to Baterina who sent out 100K. Marcelo smooth-called. At the turn of 2♦ both checked. Then on the river of 5♠, Marcelo checked to Baterina once more who bet 225K and Marcelo smooth-called. Marcelo won with his Q♦Q♣ against Baterina’s J♣8♥ bluff.

11:40pm: Marcelo continues to pump up his stack

In a hand against Alex Lee, Ed Marcelo limped in and Alex Lee checked from the big blind. At the flop of 2♦A♠3♦, both players checked. At the turn of 10♠, Lee checked to Marcelo who sent out 90K. Lee called. Then on the river of 9♣, both checked and Marcelo won with his A♣7♥.

11:30pm: Lester Edoc railed in 5th place

Lester Edoc could not go any further after doubling up Ed Marcelo. On the first hand of the next level, Edoc moved all in and Alex Lee called. Edoc had A♥4♦ and Lee had A♦7♠. The board ran A♠Q♠Q♦2♠3♠ and with that there was no split pot. Lee won the hand and Edoc was out in 5th place. Edoc earned PHP218,900 for his finish.

11:20: Break time, level up.

Players are on a 10-minute break. Ed Marcelo ahead with over 2M chips. Level 24 30K/60K Ante 500

11:15pm: Marcelo takes over the chip lead

Ed Marcelo has just taken over the chip lead with a big win against Lester Edoc. Action began with Marcelo raising to 110K and was called by both Peter Ronn Baterina and Lester Edoc. At the flop of 3♦5♠9♣, Marcelo bet 160K forcing a fold in Baterina but a call from Edoc. At the turn of 10♣, Marcelo checked to Edoc who bet 250K. Marcelo responded with a shove and Edoc called. Marcelo was ahead with 7♦7♣ against Edoc’s 6♥7♥ double belly buster. With the river of A♠, Marcelo won the massive pot and is now sitting with 2M chips. Edoc fell to 450K chips.

11:10pm: Chen avoids elimination

Yen Han Chen shoved and Lester Edoc called. Chen had A♥10♥ versus Edoc’s Q♣Q♦. Chen survived elimination when an ace showed p at the flop and kept his lead the rest of the way. He now has around 1M chips.

11:00pm: Collin Ho out in 6th place

Lester Edoc just ended Collin Ho’s run for the championship with when he snap called Ho’s shove. Ho had J♠7♠ and Edoc had J♥J♣. The board bricked and Ho was out in 6th place. Ho earned PHP174,200 for his finish. Edoc is now at 2M chips.

10:45pm: Marcelo climbing

Ed Marcelo doubled up earlier, won another decent pot after, the n won a sizable one against Peter Ronn Baterina in this hand. Marcelo limped in, Baterina raised to 100K, and Marcelo smooth-called. At the flop of 4♥4♦2♦, Marcelo checked to Baterina who be 100K. Marcelo called. At the turn of 5♠ and river of 10♦, both checked and Marcelo won with his 7♦7♣ as Baterina mucked.

10:40pm: Level 23 20K/40K Ante 5k

All the blue chips have been removed. Level up.

10:25pm: Sin exits in 7th place

In Sin was all in with his very short stack and was up against big-stacked Peter Ronn Baterina. Sin had 2♣6♣ and Baterina had K♦10♠. The board ran A♦10♣K♥J♣3♦ and with that, Sin exited in 7th place. He earned PHP141,800 for his finish.

10:20pm: Marcelo doubles up; Sin spirals down

In a classic all in 50/50, In Sin was all in with pocket queens against Ed Marcelo’s A-K. The board ran well for Sin up until the river when an ace showed up. Marcelo doubled up to almost 600K while Sin fell to around 100K.

10:10pm: Edoc folds and shows

Lester Edoc did not like how the hand turned out. It began with Peter Ronn Baterina raising to 60K, was called by Edoc on the button, then three-bet by Alex Lee to 170K. Baterina bowed out but Edoc called. The board ran A♣7♠4♦, both players checked. At the turn of 10♠, both checked again. Then on the river of A♦, Lee bet 230K which sent Edoc shaking his head. Edoc folded while showing his 10♣7♣ that landed two pair at the turn. Lee took down the pot.

10:10pm: Level 22 15K/30K Anter 4K

Blinds are up. 7 players left.

10:05pm: Edoc wins a chunk from Baterina

From the utg seat, Lester Edoc raised to 42K and was called by Alex Lee beside him. When action reached Peter Ronn Baterina, he raised to 152K. Edoc called and Lee folded. At the flop of K♦9♠4♦, both players checked. At the turn of 5♦, Baterina bet 150K and Edoc called. Then on the river of K♣, both checked and Edoc won with his 5♠7♠ pair against Baterina’s A♥Q♠.

10:00pm: David Lee exits in 8th place

David Lee dumped his remaining 80K in the middle and was called by Peter Ronn Baterina. Lee had A♣5♣ and was behind Baterina’s A♥10♠. The board ran 3♦4♣3♣5♦A♠ and with that, Lee was out in 8th place. Lee earned PHP119,400 for his finish. Baterina climbs to 1.6M chips.

9:55pm: David Lee crippled

David Lee shoved in early position and was snap-called by Collin Ho. Lee had A♠3♥ and Ho had better with A♥Q♠. With the board running Q♦5♥4♦9♦Q♣, Ho kept his lead the whole way and doubled up huge through Lee.

9:40pm: Sin doubles up

In Sin landed a happy double up against chip leader Lester Edoc. During the hand Edoc raised 40K from the button and big blind Sin moved all in. Edoc called the additional 201K and it was a showdown with Edoc holding Q♣10♣ and Sin with A♦8♦. The board provided some excitement with a 2♣10♦K♦ giving Sin a flush draw. At the turn of K♣, Edoc now had a flush draw as well. Then with the river of 7♦, Sin won the hand and doubled up to around 500K.

9:30pm: Baterina elminates Huang

On the fourth hand of the final table, the first casualty has been dealt. Big-stacked Peter Ronn Baterina raised to 52K, Fu Bang Huang moved all in, and Baterina called. Baterina had 6♦6♥ versus Huang’s A♥Q♥. The board ran 6♠2♠10♠4♦3♠, and with that, Huang bowed out in 9th place and earned PHP99,500 for his finish.

8:40pm: Final Table and Chip Counts

With the recent elimination, we have reached the final table of nine.

Seat 1 In Sin (South Korea) 301,000
Seat 2 David Lee (USA) 450,000
Seat 3 Yen Han Chen (Chinese Taipei) 298,000
Seat 4 Ed Marcelo (Philippines) 366,000
Seat 5 Peter Ronn Baterina (Philippines) 1,147,000
Seat 6 Fu Bang Huang (Chinese Taipei) 251,000
Seat 7 Collin Ho (Singapore) 221,000
Seat 8 Lester Edoc (Philippines) 1,444,000
Seat 9 Alex Lee (Malaysia) 1,211,000

8:40pm: Edoc eliminates Ahn

Lester Edoc limped in and Seonghwan Ahn checked his big blind. At the flop of 7♥9♣3♣, Ahn checked to Edoc who bet 25. Ahn check-raised all in and Edoc snap-called. At the showdown, Edoc had 10♥9♠ versus Ahn’s 6♥5♦. With the turn of 9♦ and river of 6♠, Edoc won the hand and eliminated Ahn.

8:35pm: Level 21 10K/20K Ante 3K

We are down to 10 players. One more bust out needed to set up for the final table of nine.

8:20pm: Agdas eliminated by Edoc

Ayhan Agdas took one last stab and was unable to continue when he ran into Lester Edoc’s pocket kings versus his king-jack. Agdas bowed out in 11th place. Edoc climbed to 1.2M chips.

8:10pm: Edoc on the rise

Lester Edoc is dominating his table at the moment. After doubling up through Seonghwan Ahn, he tangled in a pot against Alex Lee. On a board of A♥Q♣Q♥, Lee bet 45K and Edoc called. At the turn of 3♠, Lee bet 53K and Edoc called again. On the river of 9♣, both checked to each other and Edoc won with his A♦9♦ two pair over Lee’s jack-high hand.

8:00pm: Edoc doubled up by Ahn

Lester Edoc found a nice spot to double up bringing him to around 700K. It began with him raising double, was three-bet by Seonghwan Ahn to 75K, to which Edoc responded with a shove. Ahn called and it was a showdown with Edoc holding A♥7♣ and Ahn with K♦8♦. Edoc was quite shocked to see Ahn’s call with those cards but off to the board they went. The board ran 7♦5♦Q♠ giving Ahn a flush draw, but with the turn of 10♠ and river of 5♣, Edoc doubled up.

7:55pm: Bust outs; Baterina continues to climb

Two more players have fallen shrinking the field down to 11. John Jolly and Gilbert Fierro both headed for the cage. By the looks of it, Peter Ronn Baterina took their chips as he sits with the biggest stack at his table with over 1M in chips.

7:45pm: Level 20 8000/16000 Ante 2000

Blinds are up again. There are 13 players remaining which means they are playing short-handed at one of the tables. David Lee is ahead with over 1M chips, and both Alex Lee and Peter Ronn Baterina have around 800K.

7:40pm: Lee versus Lee

Under-the-gun player Alex Lee began the action with a raise to 24K which David Lee called from the small blind. At the flop of 6♥A♦K♠, both players checked. At the turn of 10♦, David bet 50K and Alex called. On the river of 4♣, David made it 75K and Alex called once more. David had A♥J♥ which was good enough as Alex mucked.

7:25pm: Edoc gains some off Agdas

In a battle of the blinds, and a board of 8♥Q♦10♦, Lester Edoc checked to Ayhan Agdas who bet 15K. Edoc called. At the turn of J♥, action was the same with Edoc check-calling Agdas bet of 25K. Then on the river of K♣, Agdas mucked and Edoc won the pot.

7:20pm: Sin cripples then eliminates Bertsos

With 126K behind, John Bertsos shoved and In Sin followed suit with his remaining 80K chips. Bertsos had K♠J♠ against Sin’s A♣K♣. With the board running 7♠8♦3♠, Bertsos landed a flush draw but with the turn of 6♥ and river of 6♣, Sin doubled up while Bertsos fell to 46K.

Shortly after, Sin eliminated Bertsos with pocket tens dominating pocket threes the whole way.

7:10pm: Lee ousts Kim

David Lee just pumped up his stack when he eliminated Dongkyu Kim. We were unable to get the action but Lee had pocket queens on a board of 8-2-8-5-7. Lee has nearly 1M in chips.

7:05pm: Level 19 6000/12000 Ante 2000

Blinds are up again. It looks like Peter Ronn Baterino is the man on top with around 700K chips.

7:00pm Ahn pushes out Bertsos

John Bertsos kicked off the action with a raise to 22K from under-the-gun. Two seats after was Seonghwan Ahn who shoved his big stack sending Shojiro Izutsu to the tank with his remaining 50K. He opted to fold as did everyone else until it went back to Bertsos who struggled at what to do. After a couple of minutes, Bertsos folded.

6:45pm: Hasse out; two tables remain

Julian Hasse busted out and immediately the tables broke down to two with 18 players left in the field.

6:40pm: Big double up for Lee

David Lee got lucky earlier when his K♥10♥ burned a player with pocket queens. Lee hit the king on the river. He recently had another moment of good luck when his A♥7♥ shove against Leter Edoc’s ace-king found a pair on a board that ran 5♣7♠2♣9♦6♦. Lee now has over 500K chips.

6:35pm: Kang scalps one

Jung Keun Kang may be quiet at the table but he has his fair share of wins throughout the day. He recently scalped a player with his Q♦6♦ against A♣J♦. The board ran 10♦4♠2♦Q♣6♥.

6:30pm: Bertsos shoves

John Bertsos four-bet all in after a raise to 22K by Shojiro Izutsu, followed by a three-bet by Ayhan Agdas to 50K. Acting next was Seonghwan Ahn who tanked for a bit before folding. Action returned to Izutsu who folded, then to Agdas who asked for a count then folded. Nice pot for Bertsos.

6:25pm: Level 18 5000/10000 Ante 1000

Blinds are up again. We are still at 3 tables with 20 left in the field. Current leaders are Seonghwan Ahn with over 500K chips, followed by Lester Edoc and Peter Ronn Baterina with around 490K chips.

6:20pm: Hasse versus Agdas again

Julian Hasse and Ayhan Agdas were seen battling it out again, this time the pot seemed pretty hefty. With the board showing J♠K♥8♦A♣, Hasse checked to Agdas who bet 26K. After tanking, Hasse called and both went to see the river card land 10♦. Both players opted to check and Agdas won the hand with his A♥A♠ as Hasse mucked.

6:00pm: Bertsos triples up

Action began with Julian Hasse shoving followed by John Bertsos who had less chips, and were both called by a player in mid position who had them both covered. Hasse held A♦10♥, Bertsos had K♦Q♠, and the third player had 10♦9♦. With the board running K♥6♣2♦6♠J♦. Hasse won the side pot while Bertsos tripled up.

5:55pm: Jolly time

John Jolly took a little of Dhaval Mudgal in a hand that began with Jolly raising it up to 18K from the utg seat. Mudgal called and off to the flop they went. The dealer felted K♦J♠Q♠ and both players checked. At the turn of 9♥, Jolly bet 25K and without much thought, Mudgal folded. Jolly gladly showed his hand 10♥10♦ for a straight.

5:50pm: Break tables

We are down to 27 players. The tournament directors are now breaking down one table. Three tables left for the Warm-up event.

5:45pm: Hasse loses some to Agdas

The top two chip leaders at the start of the day tangled in a pot which we only caught at the turn bet. By the looks of it, it must have been a battle of the blinds. Board showed A♠5♥3♣7♠, Hasse bet 37K from the small blind and Agdas called from the big blind seat. On the river of Q♥, both players checked and Agdas won with his 6♠5♠ pair against Hasse’s K♥10♥.

5:40pm: Edoc increases

Lester Edoc just split a pot with Joonhwan Lee with both players holding A-J. Immediately after, he was in a hand again. He raised to 18K then called a short stacks shove. Edoc had 8♥8♠ versus A♥7♠. His snowmen held up when the board bricked and with that another player fell as his stack increased.

5:35pm: Level 17 4000/8000 Ante 1000

The green chip worth 25K has been put in play while the purple chips worth 500 each have been removed.

5:15pm: Huang sends Marquez into the tank

Fu Bang “Pipi” Huang raised to 15K from mid position and was called by both Lester Edoc on the button and Richard Marquez on the big blind. At the flop of {ts]8♥6♥, Huang continued and bet 15,500. Edoc folded but Marquez check-raised it up to 37K. After tanking for a bit, Huang moved all in which seemed to bother Marquez. He tanked for some time and eventually gave up his hand.

4:55pm: Level 16 3000/6000/Ante 1000, Hasse doubles up

Kicking off the new level, Julian Hasse moved all in with over 70K chips and was snap-called by Johnjin Kim. Hasse had A♥K♦ and Kim had 8♠8♣. With the board running J♥5♥Q♥J♠10♦, Hasse landed a straight and happily doubled up.

4:45pm: Fierro shoves

Gilbert Fierro faced Collin Ho in a hand that we caught at the flop of 7♦8♦9♣. Ho bet 15K, was check-raised to 40K by Fierro, and Ho eventually called. At the turn of 2♣, Fierro quickly shoved which was enough for Ho to fold.

4:35pm: Kim avoids elimination

Johnjin Kim got all his chips in the middle and was hoping for some luck with his A♠8♣ against a player’s J♦J♣. With the board running 6♠5♦7♦9♦, Kim landed a straight but had to avoid a diamond in order to stay ahead. With the river of 2♣, Kim was pumped as he doubled up. Kim proceeded to win two more good pots after to bring him to 200K chips in just three hands.

4:30pm: A good pot for Ho

Collin Ho seems to be enjoying his time. He has been seen raising quite often at his table. In a recent hand, a player at his table, Shravan Chhabria, decided to do the same by pumping it up to 14K. When action reached Ho, he quickly three-bet to make it 34K to go. Chhabria called and the flop landed 4♥Q♠7♠. Chhabria checked to Ho who slid out a 31,500 bet. Chhabria folded.

4:15pm: Level 15 500/1000 Ante 500

4:10pm: Edoc wins before the break

We are at the first break of the day. 49 players are left in the field. Lester Edoc has moved ahead with 385K chips followed by Dongkyu Kim with 328K chips.

Just before the break, Edoc had a 20K bet on a board of 3♣6♣7♠10♥A♠ with a huge pot in the middle. Nikhil Agarwal tanked for a while and eventually called. Edoc showed his A♦K♥ top pair and Agarwal mucked giving Edoc a nice big pile to arrange in his corner.

3:55pm: Marquez pushes out Peters

Catching the action on the river, Richard Marquez slid out a 70K bet on a board of 4♦4♥10♣K♣J♥. This immediately sent Andre Peters into the tank. He eventually folded and Marquez scooped the massive pile in the middle. Marquez showed his pocket nines which seemed to affect Peters as he winced.

3:50pm: Chip leaders

With many bust outs happening, others are chipping up nicely. Dongkyu Kim from Korea seems to be ahead with around 300K chips. Several are in the 200K and above range, Alex Lee, Shojiro Izutsu, Johnjin Kim, and Lester Edoc to name a few.

3:45pm: Edoc rules

Takahashi Kakizaki had all his chips in the middle with A♠6♠ but faced Lester Edoc who had K♣K♦. The board flopped K♠2♦2♠ giving Edoc a full house and Kakizaki was drawing dead. Though it didn’t matter, the turn landed K♥ giving Edoc quads.

3:45pm: Bust outs galore

Players continue to fall at this level. Christopher Luke Pangan, Brian McAllister, Edwin Marzan, See Ming Siong, are amongst those casualties. At this time there are 54 players left. Remaining players are now guaranteed PHP20,900.

3:25pm: Level 14 2000/4000 Ante 500

After the bubble burst, lots of shoving action going on with the short stacks. Some successfully doubled up, such as Ozan Mehmet Kucuk whose pocket queens held up against Jose Gilberto Blanco’s pocket sevens, but there were a handful who weren’t and left the scene to collect their earnings.

3:10pm: Bubble bursts

In just over an hour the bubble burst at the APPT 9 Manila Warm-Up sived event #1. The unfortunate victim was Jhana Hale from Australia. With 72 players left, everyone is now guaranteed a pad up in their pockets, a minimum of PHP17,900.


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