APPT Auckland: And then there were 50!

October 11, 2008

By James Potter and Eliot James

The game of poker can certainly be a cruel one. In fact for 305 of the 306 players in this tournament there will be a bad beat story to tell. Today was always going to be a challenge for the short stacks to build and remain in the tournament and the challenge of the chip leaders was to not blow up and lose their hard fought gains.

We are already down to 50 players with the average chip stack now hitting 50k. We have had some early casualties that we should bring to you. PokerStars sponsored player Celina Lin was short stacked at the start of play and was unable to double up early. Ivan Tan, the third of the Singapore Three, also made an early exit. He was the short stacked member of the trio and his two countrymen are still going along very well.

Peter Aristidou was expected to have a big impact on the tournament today but was seen leaving the pit shaking his head after a sick beat. We have also lost our local NZ boys James “Paddywhack” Honeybone and his new best mate Chris Walton. This was certainly sad for the big local crowd that was enjoying their patriotic antics.

Chris Walton and James Honeybone, pictured with James’ girlfriend Christina.

The biggest elimination of the day must be that of the overnight chip leader who has now been eliminated. Amant Nauhria ran into a few train wrecks early and was eliminated by Dan Sing who flopped the nut straight on a low board and managed to get all the chips in the middle agains Nauhria’s top pair, top kicker. Sing has now joined the 100K club and looks very dangerous at the top of the leaderboard.

Local player Dan Sing shortly after being the third player to join the 100k club.

PokerStars Qualifier Mark Oosterveld has also had his fairytale dreams crushed here in Day 2. Oosterveld won his seat here for just $6 in one of the many PokerStars APPT Satellites. Earlier in the day, the video blog team took the chance to have a chat:

Watch APPT Auckland 08: Mark Oosterveld on

Players are just about to go on a break and when they come back we will see if the eliminations continue relentlessly or if play begins to slow down as we get near the bubble here at the APPT Auckland Main Event.


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