APPT Auckland Day 2: Level 14 (blinds 1500-3000, ante 400)

September 17, 2010

7:55pm: Play concludes

With little action to report in the final three hands, day two of the APPT Auckland Main Event has drawn to a close with approximately 28 players remaining. There’s no doubting our chip leader, as PokerStars qualifier Tom Grigg bagged up a massive 546,300 chips.

We’ll have the complete wrap of the day’s play including full chip counts for you shortly.


Tom Grigg holds a commanding chip lead at the end of Day 2

7:45pm: Shaffman runs into Mitrovic’s set

Oliver Schaffman raised to 7,100 from middle position with Srdjan Mitrovic making the call in position to see a flop of 4♥10♦2♣.

Both players checked and the turn brought the 9♦. Schaffman led out with a bet of 11,000 before Mitrovic bumped it up to 26,000. Schaffman made the call and the Q♣ hit the river. Schaffman checked and Mitrovic announced himself all in.

Schaffman deliberated before making the call but his tournament was over when Mitrovic revealed 10♥10♣ for a set of tens. Schaffman is out as Mitrovic is up to 245,000.

7:35pm: Play slows

As expected, the pace of play has slowed down as we start to inch our way closer to the money here in the APPT Auckland Main Event. This is compounded by the fact that we’re getting close to the end of the day, so it looks like our players have shut up shop and are content to simply make it through the day.

A couple of our players might not make it that far unless they get active and find a double up, with Ray McCarthy, Eddie Mascardi, Allan Stafford and AJ Bertenshaw all on the short stacks.

7:15pm: Edwards finds a spade

Kani Edwards has found a double up with his K♠Q♠ coming from behind to better than A♥9♠ of Srdjan Mitrovic.

Edwards was calling for a king but when the flop landed 5♥A♠4♠ his attention turned to the possible spade flush.

“Come on spade!” yelled Edwards as the 3♦ bricked the turn. But the river was the 8♠ as Edwards made his flush to stay alive!

“Hoo Ya! Who’s your daddy!” cried Edwards in delight at the double up to 75,000. Mitrovic slips to 160,000.

6:55pm: One more level

The players are back on the felt with just one more level to play until the day is done. It’s unlikely we’ll reach the money tonight with 33 players remaining, so that means we’ll have some fun moments tomorrow morning when the bubble bursts.

Tom Grigg is still our runaway chip leader with 520,000 chips, with Noah Vogelman the closest challenger with around 285,000. We caught up with both of them at the break to get their thoughts on their day so far.


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