APPT Auckland: Endangered species

October 11, 2008

By James Potter and Eliot James

We have just gone to only 40 players. The room is starting to be filled with “ooohhh”s and “ahhhh”s as we really get down to the business end. Eight is a lucky number in Chinese culture but we are about to find eight very unlucky players that are going to miss out on the money. Lets have a look at 3 of the ‘endangered species’

Jeff Dunbar from Vancouver Canada is another one of our PokerStars online qualifyers. He is battling it out but only has a little over 20k in chips which makes him an endangered species.

Jeff Dunbar. There are still chips in front of him – we swear there are some behind his cards.

Assadour Assadourian has warmed the poker room with his presence. The proud father of son Eric is one of the most popular guys in the room. He unfortunately has the shortest stack which makes him…..yes you guessed it, an endangered species.

Assadour Assadourian has outlasted son Eric, but seems unlikely to cash.

Graeme Putt, like the kiwi (the bird, not the fruit for those of you wondering), is a treasured, yet threatened New Zealand icon. Kiwi G has got a little under 30k in chips which makes him an endangered species.

Kiwi G’s kiwi, about to lose his perch.

If all of this sounds like fun PokerStars are proud to announce that they have started running APPT satellites for the APPT Manila in November. Come on guys get cracking and win your way to a trip of a lifetime.


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