APPT Auckland: Fossilman on the move

October 09, 2008

By James Potter and Eliot James

Starting bank for the APPT Auckland SkyCity Festival of Poker Main Event is 10k. The first early mover is Team PokerStars Pro Greg Raymer who has moved up to 18K. He just won a very nice pot with 9-7 suited. He made both his flush and straight on the river and left his opponent scratching their head.


Greg Raymer, with plenty of reasons to be smiling already

David Saab is trying to fly under the radar by keeping a low profile. The flamboyant Australian, who was born in Korea and now resides in the Philippines, is trying to stay out of the way of Tournament director Danny McDonagh who has threatened putting the ‘David Saab rule of excessive talking’ into act if Saab starts to talk his table into distraction.

David Saab cracks a smile as he begins to warm up

Tony Hachem has just walked into the room looking a little flustered after sleeping in. When asked what happened he replied in true Tony Hachem fashion;

“Of course I’m late for the tournament you banana … guaranteed!”


Tony Hachem: Poker would be a boring place to be without the antics of people like the lovable Australian.

Numbers for day one have been finalised and 164 players will be battling it out today in an effort to join us on Saturday for Day 2. Stay tuned for further updates as the players here get comfortable and the chips start to find their way onto the felt.


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