APPT Auckland: Into the money, and no sign of slowing down

October 11, 2008

By James Potter and Eliot James

Eliminations are coming thick and fast here at the APPT Auckland SkyCity Casino Festival of Poker. Having just broken the bubble before the dinner break players have now returned to the tables to battle down to at least our final two tables tonight. The play hasn’t slowed down at all and the action all three tables is seeing plenty of chips being shipped onto the felt.

With railbirds five deep in the grandstand, action continues to tear across the felt as we near the final two tables.

We have already had a further eight eliminations since returning from the dinner break, leaving 24 players spread across the three remaining tables. For pre-dinner chip counts, and the subsequent eliminations, please check on our chipcount page for the latest info.

We will be keeping you posted as the tension mounts here at APPT Auckland and players begin to dig their heels in an effort to make the final table and take their shot at a quarter of a million dollars!


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